Incubating Grassroots Innovation A Case Study on Motorcycle Driven Ploughing Machine

Motorcycle Driven Plough

Mansukhbhai Jagani
Amreli Scouted by Mahesh Parmar, SRISTI

A simple multipurpose toolbar which attaches to vehicles like Enfield Bullet Motorcycle by replacing the back wheel

forced the farmers to search for economical alternatives Increasing frequency of drought. decreased supply of fodder. high maintenance cost of draft animals Tractors found uneconomical for later stage (when the soil has considerably softened) for ploughing and inter-culturing. weeding due to high weight and fuel consumption .Need gap that led to innovation Introduction of summer groundnut crop in the region increases the demand of draft power. restrictive usage of bullocks.

The Product : Key Competitive Advantages The device was developed by an Indian artisan cum farmer and has already proved its utility. . Sowing. Interculturing . easily repaired and requires low maintenance. Ideal for a wide range of agricultural operations like field preparation. Spraying etc It is simple. in contrast to bullocks Comparable price to bullocks Attachable to “ ENFIELD” and some other motorcycles. in contrast to tractors No continuous variable cost.

transportation and also used as regular motorcycle. Multipurpose device can be used for agriculture operation . Novel & Patented in India & USA .Salient Features and advantages Ideally suited to farmers with small and medium size land. Stronger and 3 times faster than bullocks Far cheaper than tractors Simple .5 liters of diesel. cheap and low maintenance Can plough an acre of land in an hour consuming only about 0.

85000 (About 2125 USD) ( Note: 1USD=40 INR) Innovator has sold 100 units till date Awarded by NIF Adopted by farmers in India and inquiries received from all over the globe. North America etc . 25000 (About 625 USD) (With motorcycle) : Rs. Huge export potential in the developed & developing countries like Africa .Some facts about the products: Price (Without motorcycle) : Rs.

5 lit / hr 35 kmph Yes Double Cylinder 1000 kg capacity 2 lit/hr Fuel consumption Cost of fodder is (Average) equal to Rs. Traveling Speed Availability of PTO Availability of Hydraulics 3 kmph No No 45 kmph No Mechanical Lift 0. 200 per day .Comparative benchmarking Parameters Technical Features A pair of Bullock Motorcycle plough (Santi) EICHER tractor (eicher 242 di) Power ( HP) Gear Systems A Pair is equal to 2 HP No 6.5 1 – 2 – 3 & reverse 24 Sliding mesh gear 8 forward 2 reverse Max.

1000 . inter-culturing and harvesting . ploughing . 2.000 Rs. inter-culturing and harvesting 0. 75000 65.) Maintenance & repair per year 15000 Rs.000 Average Area Covered / hr( for ploughing) Limitations Capital cost (Rs.000(B) + 22.  High operation cost  heavy weight leads to hardening of soil where it runs and its frame leads to breaking of stems and flowers  Easy and subsidized credit facility. 20. ploughing. transportation 1 acre  Requirement of Diesel motorcycle  cannot undertake deep ploughing / digging of groundnut  No credit facility 4 – 5 tons 15-30 mins Bullock Motorcycle plough (Santi) EICHER tractor (EICHER 242 DI) Cont… All agricultural operation with higher speed and non farm operations like transportation etc 5 acre  Not affordable by small farmers.Comparative benchmarking Parameters Performance / Coverage Haulage capacity Start up time Operations performed 500 kg 3 hrs Cultivation.75 acre  Need to maintain bullock in slack time also  it requires one full time care taker  requires rest at regular intervals  No credit facility 750 kg and with trolley 3 tons 15-30 mins Cultivation .500 Rs.00. spraying .

50/litre = $4.50/17 hectare @ 2 labourers = $2.5 days Amount spent / labourer = $ 1.00 Labour Requirement for 17 hectare for operating and maintenance is $2.5) Labour Requirement for 17 hectare for operating and maintenance is $ 2.50/ 17 hectare @ 2 labourers = $2.5 x2 = $5.17 /- Operation & maintenance cost comparison Motorcycle Plough Tractor Cost of Diesel required for 17hectare is 10 litres @ $0.17 + $8.68 .92 Cost / hectare = $0.5 / bullock = $8.5 x 3. + Over.75 ( $ 2. 20% Total cost / 17 hectare = $10.00 Amount spent on fodder /day = $ 2.5/litre = $5.25/day Total amount = $ 4.00 Cost of Diesel required for 17hectare is 8 litres @ $0.77 Total cost / 17 hectare = $ 10.00 Total amount ($4.00 Cost / hectare = $0.6 Maint.5x2 = $5.75) = $12.Technology Benchmarking – Use of Draft Animal ( Two Bullocks) Productivity (labourer) = 5 hectare / day Time taken to tilt 17 hectare = 3.90 Cost / hectare = $ 0.

SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE BULLET – SANTI STRENGTHS Cost effective WEAKNESSES Less turning radius OPPORTUNITIES Potential usage among various level of farmers THREATS Easy to copy User friendly Gets stuck at times in wet clay Employment opportunities at various levels Revolution in agricultural sector if adopted at mass scale Reduction in cost through further design Adoption not at larger level Less maintenance Low level of the lower chain area Reverse system not possible Hydraulic system not built Switch over time to convert motorcycle into plough New technological options Obsolescence over a period of time Non stake of enterprises and entrepreneurs High speed sowing options Small capacity trailer carriages Variable crop interculturing option .

P1 – First prototype by Innovator (1994) Basic frame Extension rod (tyre adjustment) .

2nd Model by the innovator with added features ( 2000) Manual control for adjustment of plough depth Mechanical arrangement of lever for lifting the plough .P2 .

P3 – Involvement of formal science .design inputs from NID .


•Low users friendliness.Advantages: (Prototype 3) Better in ergonomic and aesthetic consideration Limitations of design •Requires high investment & Not suitable for local production •Provision for additional requirements of farmers are missing ( like provision for carrying equipments while transportation from home to farm) •Plough needs to be redesigned . which is not acceptable by the farmers. .

Value addition by GIAN .TePP projects ( Apr 02 – Nov 04) Crude Prototype Speed Reduction by Chain Drive and no Reverse Speed Arrangement No reverse gear facility Improved Version A new gear-box with reverse gear option is incorporated and minimized the power loss due to direct shaft attached to gears A new gear-box with reverse gear option is incorporated .

2002 Granting Dt: Feb15 2005 Patent No: US6854404B2 . No: 659/MUM/2002 USA Status: Granted Filing Dt: Feb 22.IPR Protection US6854404B2 India Status-Applied for Filing Dt: 22/07/02 Aplln.

neither of them showed alone or in combination . .Experience in IPR in getting US Patent Query to be solved were: Claim 1 (Principle claim) did not provide the clarity sufficient of invention by using the words “ “Tool assembly”. However.the agricultural system having motorcycle. where a rear wheel of the motorcycle is removed and agricultural tool assembly is attached in place of the rear wheel and vice-versa. Claims 1. So the term “Agricultural tool assembly” was used instead. By this way the claim was given the subjectivity of invention. when needed. 5 & 7 were rejected on the basis of cited prior-art references.

Though persons who copied the design are charging less prices. . many farmers prefers to buy it from innovator because of quality product and innovator’s is ahead in terms of value addition.IPR infringement : Product has been copied by few focal fabricators of the same region. He keeps improving the design by incorporating the user’s feedback.

brake system etc NEED NOT BE REMOVED. This cuts down the time for fitting to a mere 20 minutes. even for a less trained person . chain. Removal of the Rear Foot Rest is needed only in the modified design.Value addition – being under taken by CMERI (CSIR Lab) Video Rear Wheel . Sprocket.

2007 participation in local .06) Survey on diffusion study .Business Development Global Business Plan by Sloan School of Management MIT. Approach to EICHER & Atul Auto – big motorcycle manufacturing company for Technology transfer Organized demonstration in Maharashtra in 2004 Awareness generation through exhibition of Gujarat (2005.BOSTON (2000) Business Plan by IIMA – For India ( 2003) Set up production facility with financial support (US$ 3500/-) at innovators place Displayed in Global Auto Expo 2002 at New Delhi Participated in CSC 2002 conference at South Africa.

Market Research through exhibition – Participation in global level Auto Expo .

Expanding the Applications Field cultivation Sowing by labor Sowing by Seed Drill Interculturing Spraying Transportation .


Potential market .

New Business opportunities – Non farm applications towards mechanized Salt farming Conventional practice •Haulages purpose at airports & industries •Grass cutting application •Application in army Video .

it is a issue of diversification and scale of market •Cost competition with small tractors if we offer it with new motorcycle •Useful for light and sandy loam soil only •Limited buying power of small farmers and Issues of approval from Govt Authority to avail bank loan facility •Lack of systematic marketing efforts .Constraints / Limitations observed in business development •Limited entrepreneurial ability of the innovator •Non availability of company made diesel motorcycle (having 6HP engine with 3000 rpm) restricts the market •For big automobile company .

Particulars Prototype 1 invented by innovator Scouted by SRISTI Displayed in ISC .by Innovator Recognition . Pune Prototype 2 ..Timeline Year 1994 1999 2000 2000 2001 2002 2004 2002 2002 .by GIAN through TePP IPR protection in India & USA Business development continue Prototype 5 – by GIAN through CMERI .by GIAN through NID Prototype 4 .NIF Award Prototype 3 .Incubation Life Cycle .07 2007….

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