Company History

The Lala Juggilal, Lala Kalishpati Singhinias . Today the woolen mill by the creek has turned into an Rs.1400 cores conglomerate and is India's leading producer of worsted suiting fabric with 60% market share. It is also the largest exporter of worsted fabrics and readymade garments to 54 countries including Australia, Canada, USA, The U.K. and Japan. The Raymond group is also the leader among readymade in India with a turnover of Rs.2000 million with its 3 brands Park Avenue, Parx and Manzoni. Raymond is considering a pioneer in the development of the woolen at worsted textiles market in India. Thanks to its continuous initiatives in product development, marketing and distribution. A strong heritage of in house research and development, ranges of over 20,000 shares and design a distribution network of more than 4000 multi brand outlet and over 281 exclusive retail shop makes Raymond the largest and most respected textile brand in India.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Workers/manufacturing unit at Jalgaon. Registered office Jalgaon. Plot No. 156 / 11 No. 2, Village – Adgaon. Ratnagriry, M.S Corporate office Bombay. Mahindra Tawors, B wing Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Warli, Mumbai - 400 018 E-mail: Chairman : Shri S. K. Gupta Managing Director: Mr. V. K. Gupta. Labor force: Clerical Staff: 13 Technical staff: 40 Management Staff: 36 8. Workers: 562

• Raymond • Park Avenue • Parx • Manzoni: The luxury rage of means shirts and ties acknowledged for its high quality and international styling. • Be: • An exclusive treat-a-porter line of ready-to-wear designer clothing for women and men in western, ethnic fusion styles. • KamaSutra • Premium • Color Plus: • Premium casual wear brand in high quality natural fibers like cotton and linen, in superiors mixed and performance oriented weaves.


Need For Working Capital
For the purchase of raw material, components of spaces. To pay wages and salary. To incurred day to day expenses and over heads cost such as fuel, power and office expenses etc.

To meet the selling cost as packing, advertising etc.
To provide create facilities to the customer. To maintain the inventories of raw material, Work in Progress stores and spares and finished stock.

Importance Of Working Capital:
• Investment in current assets represents a substantial portion of total investment. • Investment in current assets and the level of current liabilities have to be geared quickly to change in sale. However, this relationship is not as close and direct as it is in the case of working capital components.

Format Statement Of Working Capital


Duration Of Operating Cycle
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • The duration of operating cycle equal to the sum of the duration of each of these stages less the credit period allowed of the firm O=R+W+F+D–C Where O = duration of operating cycle R = raw material and stores storages period W = work in process period F = finished goods storage period D = debtors collection period C = creditors payment period The components of the operating cycle may be calculated as follows: R = Average stock of raw material and stores / average raw material and stores consumption per day W = Average W.I.P.inventory / average cost of production per day F = Average finished goods inventory / average cost goods sold per day D = Average books debts / average credit sale per day C = Average trade creditors / average credit purchases per day

Approach To Working Capital
Matching Approach Or Hedging Approach Conservative Approach Aggressive Approach

Financing Of Working Capital

• • • To increase the working capital requirement of the company, either should increase its current assets or reduce its current liabilities. The company should concentrate towards ints creditors and find out old liabilities. It should be old and small creditors. Company’s inventory’s management is good but it is also risky if there is more demand and short and fall of supply. Therefore the company should provide for this unforeseen situation. Cash is termed as the best for liquidity assets, therefore the cash holding of the company should be improve and raised. Current liabilities should be fulfilled time to time and as early as possible. It should be useful for the sake of the company. Company should not keep idle fund of cash because it’s quite difficult to utilize the idle fund of cash of time to time because only proper utilization of idle fund can give the optimistic result to the company.

• • •

• This project of working capital management. Working Capital is a very important activity in any organization and it is carried out efficiency in Raymond India Ltd. Jalgoan. Working Capital Management has gives us tremendous exporter in the field of financial management. Here we have actually put our theoretical knowledge to practice. Who have come to realize the importance of working capital life cycle and the various stages in it. • We not only have an exposure the real practical world, this project has helped to a great team spirit amongst us. This effort aught to us that single person couldn’t complete any task wholly and successfully, it is to be a joint work.