Co-operative banking

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Meaning Definition Origin Role of co-operative bankng in India Rural area activities Urban area activities  Types of co-operative banks Structure of co-operative banking conclusion
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Working together Voluntary organisation Engaged in financing No profit and no loss Replace the money lender and provide funds Government sponsered and government supported Page 4

‘An institution established on the co-operative principles and engaged in the normal banking business of accepting deposits from the public for the purpose of lending and repay it on demand or otherwise’
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Started in 1904 New type of institution Suitable for solving problem Self responsibilty and self administration
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Role of co-operative banking in India
Service at lower cost Fulfill expectation Reduction of money lender in rural area Programmes for poor people
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Rural area activities
Farming Cattle Milk Hatchery Personal finance
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Urban area activities
Self employment Industries Small scale unit Home finance Consumer finance Personal finance
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Types of co-operative banks

Rural co-operatives

Urban co-operative

Short term rural cooperative

Long term rural cooperative

State co-operative bank

Central co-operative bank

Primary agriculture credit society

State co-operative agriculture and rural development banks

Primary cooperative agriculture and rural development banks

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Structure of co-operative banking (march 2007)
Institution Number of institute 1,07,497 1,06,781 31 369 97,224 716 20 Number of branch 1,12,895 1,11,090 938 12,928 97,224 1800 1104

A. Rural co-operative credit structure 1.Short term:  State co-operative bank Central co-operative bank Primary agriculture co-operative society 2.Long term: State co-operative agriculture and rural development banks Primary co-operative agriculture and rural development banks. B. Urban co-operative banks:




56,600 Page 11

Local communities and local development Co-operative banks are the best vehicles Harmonious development Sure to win the race
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• Indian banking -By S.Natarajan R.Parameswran •

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