It Support Organizational Performance In Turbulent Business Environment
Mr. Dev B Koli, SIBM; Mumbai; 2012

Dabanng on YouTube - Fast Facts

• Dabangg is one of the highest grossing movies in Bollywood of all-time and has raked in record revenues • since it was first released in the theaters in September, 2010. It also recently won the Film fare Award for Best Film 2010.
– 1.33 Million views to the Dabanng Channel – Over 430,000 video views of the movie and related video clips – An average of 5000 views every day – 250,000 full movie views – 1800 + subscribers on the channel – 2000 community engagements in the last 1 week in the form of ratings, comments and favorites

• Demographic Profile :– 45% of the audience between the age group of 25 44 – A significant 35% of the viewers on the channel are above the age of 45

.• The complete movie was the most popular and engaging video on the Dabanng channel receiving close to 60% of the total views.

• Here is a sneak peak of user comments on the channel :- .

GDN. In addition. Big FM also promoted the movie on YouTube.Google’s Promotion of Dabanng The marketing • The marketing team at Google also has also set up powerful marketing campaign (across Search. and YouTube) to create awareness about the film. . • Over 30% of the views come from discovery related videos and YT search A good 12% also comes from embeds from external sites.



. • Such IT support will provide strategic advantage in hypercompetitive world. • IT support is necessity for any organization to excel or survive.Lesson Learned From These Cases • Traditional organizations are embracing information technology not only to support their process but also to expand their activities.

Doing Business In The Digital Economy • The term digital enterprise refers to an organization that uses computers and information system (IS) to perform or support its activities. • Objectives of Digital Enterprise – Reach and engage customers more effectively – Boost employee productivity – Improve operating efficiency .

interact. • In this economy. . communicate. and search for information. collaborate. wired & wireless networking and communication infrastructure provide the platform over which people & organizations devise strategies.Digital Economy • The digital economy refers to an economy based on digital technologies and whose members are better informed and able to communicate because of IT.

development tools) • Symbols.) Audios (music recording. bidding. postcard. calendars. and concepts: – Tickets and reservations – Financial instruments • Process & Services – – – – Government services Electronic messaging Auction. tokens. lectures) Software (programs. bartering Social networking . speeches.Some Representative Examples • Information & entertainment product that are digitized: – – – – Paper-based documents Graphics (photographs. maps etc. games.


E-commerce • E-commerce is the process of buying. selling. Services. or exchanging products. – Buying or renting movies online: old and new way – Paying for goods • Advantages – – – – – Cost Quality Convenience Strategic competitive advantage Customer service . or information via the internet or other networks. transferring.


which will be developed inhouse. a comprehensive business model is composed of following six elements: – A description of all products and services the business will offer – A description of the business process required to make a deliver the products and services – A description of the customers to be served and the company’s relationship with these customers. and which will need to be acquired . including what constitutes value from the perspective of the customers – A list of the resources required and the identification of which ones are available.Business Model • According to Mckay & Marshall.

Business Model – A description of the organization’s supply chain. including suppliers and other business partners – Description of the revenues expected. • Four popular e-commerce models are listed here: – – – – Tendering via reverse auction Affiliate marketing Product & Service customization E-Marketplaces and exchanges . anticipated cost. sources of financing and estimated profitability.


Business Performance Management Goals Adjust Performanc e and goals Information Technology Strategies/ plans Monitoring .

Impact Of The Business Environment • Unfortunately. but also on what other are doing and the forces of nature • Companies need to respond frequently and quickly to both the threats and the opportunities resulting from changes in their business environment. frequently your performance level depends not only what you do. • Critical response Activity .

The Brand Maggi Nestle Good food good life .

About Nestle • The company dated to 1967 • Henry Nestle developed a milk based baby food and soon began marketing which was the first product of nestle .

Nestles product list • • • • • • • • Nestle milk maid Magi pickup Magi pizza maze Magi sauces Nestle munch Nestle Milo Nestle ice tea Nestle natural dahlia etc .

Market share • Magi has 94% Market share • Top Ramen has 4% • Others 2% .

Initial Strategies of Magi • It has faced lot of hurdles in India • The major being Indian psyche • Initial Targeting was working women in the platform of convenience • However despite heavy media advertising sale of magi was not picking up • Hence NIL conducted a Research .

good to eat” in line with the positioning • They promoted further by distributing free samples.Cont………. • NIL promotions positioned the noodles as convenience to mothers and fun for kids • Tagline “ Fast to cook. giving gift on return of empty packets • Effective tagline communication “2 minute noodles.. Taste phi health phi” .

Product protection in market • The word “Noodles” was registered By Nestle India in 1984 • Magi is the trademark for noodles category products from the year 1984 .

SWOT ANALYSIS Strength • Market leader • Brand loyally • Distribution channels • Innovative flavors Opportunities • Unexploited rural market • Increasing no. of working youths • Affinity of Indians to Chinese food Weakness • Heavily dept on one flavor • Health related issues Threats • Strong presence of regional competitors • Competitive pricing (top Ramen) .

DSTP Differentiation : Taste.packaging Segmentation : Based on lifestyle and habit of urban Families Targeting : Kids.Flavor.Office goers Positioning : With Statements such as 2 minute Noodles and easy to cook and good to eat .

lifestyle of urban families Targetting : kids.packaging Segmentation : Age.taste bhi health bhi .office goers.Flavor.working women.health conscious people Positioning : easy to cook good to eat.youth.Eating habit.DSTP Analysis Differentiation : Taste.2 min noodles.

400gms-family pack • Conducting regular market survey .dal atta noodles.Market penetration Strategy • Promotional stratergy in school • Advertising straight focus on kids • Innovative new products – veg atta noodles.100.cuppa mania • Availability of diff packages50.200gms.

formulation changed from fried base to air dried base • competition in noodle market – top ramen • New product failer – dal atta noodle in sambhar flavor .Hurdles Faced • Saw decline in 1990.

Current scenario of maggi • Leading brand in india and world over • Reasonable competitive pricing • Creative interactive blogs for customers www.in .maggi-club.

Strategy For Competitive Advantage & IT Support • A strategy addresses questions such as: – What is the long-term direction of our organization? – What is the over-all plan for deploying our organization’s resources? – What trade-off’s are necessary? What resources will it need to share? – What is our unique positioning vis-à-vis competitors? – How do we achieve sustainable competitive advantage over rivals in order to ensure lasting profitability? .

Porter’s Competitive Force Model .

Porter’s Value Chain Model .


Process Of Becoming An Adaptive Organization • Recognize environmental and organizational changes as quickly as they occur. • Deal with changes properly and correctly • No wait for competitors to introduce change • Have a scalable and appropriate IT architecture • Develop an innovation culture . or even before they occur.

Innovation & Creativity .

2008. together with Hong Kong PCCW telecommunication incorrectly programmed around the world instead. This happened when Pakistani Telecommunications Authority decided to block offensive content in their own country. about two-third of the world was unable to see YouTube for several hours. Their ISP.IT Failure • Feb 24. .