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Southern New Hampshire University OL 500






Work Environment



Sam Calagione The Mission

Humble Beginnings
Dogfish Head Today

Off-Centered Philosophy
“Off-Centered Ales for Off-Centered People”

Change the Way We Think of Beer
Creativity at Dogfish Head

Off-Centered Culture
Creating a Brand in an Off-Centered Industry

Off-Centered Success
The Beers The Awards

The Growth

Over 150,000 resumes per month Each one read

Mission statement: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” Google was voted the number one company to work for in 2007 Engineers are allowed to devote 20% of their time on projects of their choice Google earns $302,314 per employee

Motivated Employees, not Stress Employees Morale Increased  Productivity Increased Googlers give their Best because they come First Googlers are Healthy and Happy  Leading to Long-Term Growth

Founded in 1994 Shrek is released in 2001 24 films have been released to date 2007 – all films released in 3-D 3-D film-making technology InTru3D

Promoting Creativity
Artistic Development Program

“Life’s a Pitch” workshops
On campus offerings Family and Friends Days Eliminating inconveniences

The Rewards of Creativity
Production Recruitment & Retention Rank Diversity

Mission Statement: “We make movies for adults and the adult that exists in every child.”

In DreamWorkers Words....

Innovation, Creativity, and Environment

 A manufacturing company specialized in selling soft

drinks  Established in 1886, and since then it has become one of the symbols of the American industry.  The most valuable Brand and logo in the world  In 2009 Coca Cola has estimated that they sell 1.6 billion cans of soft drinks per day in the whole world

Coca Cola describes themselves as one of the most innovative organizations in the world, the Coca-Cola Company “strives to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value, and make a difference” through creative leadership, product innovation, and employee involvement.

Coca Cola Employee Creativity Support

Coca cola has identified employee creativity and innovation to be one of the company’s greatest assets.

Employees are constantly provided opportunities to grow within the organization and are rewarded for doing so. Coca-Cola offers a unique experience to employees known as the Coca-Cola University (CCU). CCU is a virtual global community where employees engage in learning and training in order to establish a foundation capability and align employee efforts with broader organizational goals

Fun job description and the Business card philosophy

Open door communications and flexible management decisions.

Employee involvement in decision making along with employee appreciation and recognition programs.

Coca-Cola’s philosophy is that the employee is a part of a community and to be part of the employee’s life, coke has to be part of that community too. Activities that are driven by employees and directed to help their own communities like restoring parks and helping local communities which has helped both local communities and the company.

45 Coke Slogans in which most were inspired by employee creativity

A success story has seen this company be the most valuable and recognizable company in the world. Coke sells its products all over the world Coke, with all this success has emphasized on creating a more attractive culture to employees and attract more innovation from within.

According to Forbes magazine any human above the age of three knows the trademark of Coke.

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