Student Financial Assistance

Session 33

Common Origination and Disbursement Customer Service:
The New Integrated Customer Service for Pell, Direct Loans, and Campus Based
Session 33- 2

s SFA Vision s Customer Service Solution s Transition Approach s Where Does Your Call Go s Wrap Up

Session 33- 3


Session 33- 4

SFA Vision
“The goal of Common Origination and Disbursement is to enable your business process. Key Modernization Initiative:
Streamlines processes for : s Origination s Disbursement s Funding and Reconciling s Commonality across origination and disbursement process Integrates Customer Service for: s Pell Grants s Direct Loans s Campus-based programs

Session 33- 5

Customer Service Vision
“Common Origination and Disbursement Customer Service
is about more than exception processing. It’s about creating a smooth day-to-day Federal Financial Student Aid delivery process to meet your customer needs.”

Key Customer Service Initiative: s Provide customer service that anticipates customer
needs s Maximize self-service for Pell, Direct Loans, and Campus Based processing s Provide single point of service and combined support for origination and disbursement process
Session 33- 6

COD Benefits for SFA
 Promotes program integrity  Fully web-enabled system available at all times (24x7)  Supports consistent and on-going reconciliation for both Pell Grants and Direct Loans  Supports integrated decision-making and customer service  Improves documentation of interaction with schools
Session 33- 7


Session 33- 8

The Call Center Location

Session 33- 9

Operating Basics
s Hours of Operations: 8 a.m to 8 p.m. eastern s Toll-free Customer Service Numbers:
Current RFMS Customer Service 1-800-474-7268 Current DLOS Customer Service 1-800-848-0978

s New Mailing Address to come
Session 33-10

Customer Service
Collect the information Assume nothing Listen to the customer
Log the reason of the call

“More Than A Call Center”



Analyze the information Note results of the analysis/research Substantiate the results of your research What is the root cause of the problem/issue Engage other parties as necessary Respond, resolve and record the result
Session 33-11

Customer Service
Support Organization
Division Manager

SFA Support Team

School Services Manager

Borrower Services Manager

Quality Assurance Team

Business Analyst Team

Training Team

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Reconciliation Team

Team 1

Team 2

Session 33-12

School Services Team

Primary School Support

Primary CSR

Quality Assurance Team

Secondary CSR

Reconciliation Team Representative

Additional Team Members

Session 33-13

Customer Service Teams
“Who will assist you?”

School Services
s s s s Primary representative for each School/Servicer Secondary representative and a team of representatives Teams assigned by like processes, i.e. software provider Perform outreach activities

Early Bird Team
s Begin at 5 a.m. eastern
s Identify COD production or processing issues from nightly processes s Create plan to notify schools of processing issues s Respond to “after hours” voice mail box

Session 33-14

Customer Service Teams
“Who will assist you?”

Reconciliation Team
s s s s Assist with transaction balancing Provide funds management support Provide on-site support as needed Support GAPS & FMS exception research issues

Quality Assurance Team
s Internal focus s Monitor performance & quality of team representatives s Conduct internal audits of servicer center operations & make recommendations to management s Evaluate customer satisfaction with COD products and services s Process trending analysis
Session 33-15

On-Line Functionality for Full Participants
s Updates to data base via the On-Line/Web s Ability to create award records via the OnLine/Web s Releasing Pending/Action Records from the Web

Session 33-16

The COD View
School Web View Same View CSR Online


s Student Centric View
s School Centric View s Reject Record View s Show All Errors View s Pended Record View

COD Data Base

Session 33-17

Student Centric View

Session 33-18

School Centric View

Session 33-19

Reject Record View

Session 33-20

Show All Errors View

Session 33-21

Pended Record View

Session 33-22

Outreach Services
s Call campaign for verification s Call campaign for unsubstantiated disbursements
– Reject transaction trending

s Additional outreach activities as needed
– Call and email volume • Identify issue by servicer/developer • Identify issue by Pell, Direct Loan or Campus Based

Session 33-23

Reporting Tools
s Reports generated today s New reports for student/program view s Batch and on-line capability

Session 33-24

“ Customer Service will support User Acceptance Testing and school testing working as a liaison between the end users and systems development team.” User Acceptance and School Testing s Winter/ Spring 2002 s Customer service staff integral in SFA’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Session 33-25

Training Program
“Training will contain a strong focus on excellence in Customer Service. Training will be a performance based training method that certifies both knowledge and skill application.”
Successful 6-Week training program

Individual Training Plan:
s Training on program knowledge s Training modules for COD system interfaces s Computer based training s Problem solving/Root cause analysis s Role playing s OJT (On-the-Job-Training) s Self-paced learning packets s Recurrent training based on needs analysis s Annual re-certification
Session 33-26


Session 33-27

Virtual Customer Service Center
s Single entry point of service s Warm hand-offs and joint calls with RFMS, DLOS, and other support groups s CSR “buddies” s Information sharing between centers

Campus Based Direct Loans
Session 33-28

All Award Origination Year Disb. 01-02 Records Full Participant

Common Record


Pell Customer Service Center Direct Loan Customer Service Center

Award Year Phase in 02-03 Participant 03-04 Award Year 04-05


SFA Integration Tool


COD Customer Service Center Niagara Falls

All Schools

Common Record


COD Customer Service Center Niagara Falls

Session 33-29


The Virtual Call Center Solution

Award Year 2001-2002 and prior

Award Year 2002-2003


Incoming Call Caller chooses award year he/she (Current Pell and Direct Loan is calling about Numbers) Pell Customer Service Loan Origination Customer Service COD Customer Service (Niagara Falls, NY)


Secondary Rep

Primary Rep

Session 33-30

Other Transition Highlights
s November 2002 - Migrate RFMS data to COD s December 2002 - Migrate open DLOS data to

s Early 2003 - COD center services all inquiries

Session 33-31

End State:
Early 2003

Incoming Call

COD Customer Service (Niagara Falls, NY)


Secondary Rep

Primary Rep

Session 33-32


Session 33-33

Customer Service Issues
Tracking Database
Customer Service representatives use the tracking database to: s open new issues s search issues s update history s run reports s track issues s trend data

Session 33-34


Session 33-35

“Where to go for answers?”
Who do I call for Customer Service support? * No changes to phone numbers, calls will be routed based on Award Year.

Customer Service
No change except new TDD and fax

Contact Points Award Years 2001/2002 and Prior
1-800-848-0978 * School Services-LOC Montgomery, AL 1-800-557-7395 TDD 1-800-474-7268 * Pell Customer Service Rockville, MD 474 S. Court Street, Suite 400 Montgomery, AL 36104-4102 P.O. Box 530260 Atlanta, GA 30353-0260 For award years prior to 2002/2003 474 S. Court Street, Suite 400 Montgomery, AL 36104-4102 1-800-557-7394 Applicant Services DLOS and RFMS 1-800-848-0978 or fax request to LOC

Contact Points Award Years 2002/2003 and After

Where to send mail? (Direct Loans) Where to send excess cash? (Direct Loans) Where to send prom-notes? How to get Plus credit check? Who do borrowers call for Customer Service support and credit over ride requests? (Direct Loans) Where do my records go? How do I request bulk fulfillment items?

COD- addresses to be established COD- addresses to be established No change New COD web address to be provided No change

COD Regardless of Common Record Adoption No change

Session 33-36

Where to get More Information
For frequent updates on COD’s development, check:
s The Schools Portal: s Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP): s Questions regarding COD: Call the SFA Customer Service Call Center at (202)433-7327
Session 33-37

School Portal

Session 33-38


Session 33-39

Other COD Sessions
s Pell: 02-03 Processing Changes- Session 29 s Direct Loans: 02-03 Processing ChangesSession 32 s What is the Common Record?- Session 35 s The Big Picture- Session 39 s Tools for Monitoring Pell & Direct Loan FundsSession 41 s Mini On-Line Session- Session M13 s PC Lab with COD Web Prototype

Session 33-40

Session 33-41