Session 7

NSLDS Transfer Student Monitoring & Eligibility Changes

Session 7 2


 

Student eligibility changes -Combined FAH/TSM Batch file layout -Prescreening -Postscreening Transfer Student Monitoring process Web Demonstration

Session 7 3

What is NSLDS?

National Student Loan Data System
 National database of federal loans & grants awarded under Title IV of the Higher Ed Act of 1965, as amended  Began loading data in 1994  School online access granted in 1996  Web access started 1998

Session 7 4

 Goals
– Minimize abuse within aid programs – Reduce burden, costs, and errors in aid administration – Central database of highly reliable, accessible data
• Plan and budget • Program coordination and control • Research
Session 7 5

NSLDS Content
46,480,530 Students 146,216,785 Loans (FFEL, Direct, Perkins) 35,120,711 Pell Grants (1993-current) 34,687 School Branches 18,259 Schools 31,258 Lenders 60 Guaranty Agencies

Session 7 6

NSLDS Data Providers
Lenders/Servicers GAs CPS
FFEL Loan Information Student Demographic Data School Demographic Data Aid Overpayments Student Enrollment Transfer Students Pell Grant Information

Direct Loan Servicer
FDLP Loan Information

Perkins Schools

Perkins Loan Information


Loans assigned to ED Lender and Lender Servicer Data Aid Overpayments

Debt Collection Service

All Schools

Pell Grant Program

Session 7 7

s s s s s s s s

Colleges, universities, and trade schools Students and borrowers ED Lenders Guaranty agencies State agencies ED partners Other United States government agencies
Session 7 8

Combined FAH/TSM Batch File Layout

Session 7 9

Combined FAH/TSM Batch File Layout


Input file the same for FAH (formerly FAT Batch) requests and TSM Inform File requests Modifications to the input file include - input file length of 150 bytes -school requests a FAH record, to add the student to the Inform list or both in the same inform file
Session 710

Combined FAH/TSM Batch File Layout cont.

FAH only requests included on the Error/Acknowledgment file output Error message changes -FAH request errors now included

Session 711

Combined FAH/TSM Batch File Layout cont.
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Output files combined Modification include -260 byte record (this is not a change for TSM) -No change flags (#) for FAH requests -Added nearing/exceeding flags to record type 1 -Added discharge codes to record type 1 -Attending school on record type 4 -For CL loans-adding aggregate portion field to on record type 5
Session 712

Combined FAH/TSM Batch File Layout cont.

Message classes
-TRNINFIN- School Batch Inform File -TRNINFOP-Error/Acknowledgement File -TRLTRPOP-Alert file, report format -TRALRTOP-Alert file, extract format -SHFATQIN-Previous FAT Batch input file/used until June 30, 2003 -SHFATROP-Previous FAT Batch output file in report format/used until June 30,2003 -SHFATEOP-Previous FAT Batch output file in extract format/used until June 30,2003 -FAHREPOP-new FAH output file in report format -FAHEXTOP-new FAH output in extract format

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Session 714

Prescreening Changes

Aggregate calculation definition changes -recent loans now defined as Loan Period End Date plus 90 days -Amount of Loan minus cancellations minus refunds equals Net Loan Amount

Session 715

Prescreening Changes cont.
 Aggregate calculation changes
-for recent loans: if a) both OPB and Disbursed Amt are >
than 0; or b) either OPB or Disbursed Amt is > than zero: Use the greater of the OPB or Disbursed Amt, but not to exceed Net Loan Amt. If both OPB and Disbursed Amt. = 0, use 0. Loan is guaranteed/approved but not disbursed.

-for all other loans, the aggregate is determined by using
the lesser of Net Loan Amt, Disbursed Amt or OPB if all three are > than 0. If any of the three values are 0, we do not use 0 in the formula.

Session 716

Prescreening Changes cont.

FFEL Consolidated loans distributed into aggregate Subsidized, aggregate Unsubsidized, aggregate combined, and unallocated combined -percentage of underlying loans making up the consolidation total. -will be displayed on the web at the loan level. -dependency is determined by CPS demographic information

Session 717

Prescreening Changes cont.
s s

New flags -DL PLUS MPN Discharge codes- no longer a flag D=Death R= Reaffirm C=Conditional discharge P=Permanent discharge M=Multiple codes exist N=None
Session 718

Prescreening Changes cont.

NSLDSFAP web site changes -eliminate displaying capitalized interest flag on recent subsidized loans -display CL breakdown on underlying loans at the loan level -new icon for discharged loans with reason -new icon for nearing or exceeding aggregate limits -removed “remaining amount to be paid” on Pell History
Session 719


Session 720

Postscreening Changes

Postscreening will start earlier
– second week of January

s s

Postscreening will be weekly Multiple postscreening codes will be sent on ISIR
– up to three – will generate multiple aggregate alerts when moves between exceeding aggregate limits to below and vice versa – will generate an alert for discharge code changes

Session 721

Postscreening Changes cont.

New Reason codes
– 11=No longer exceeds Subsidized aggregate limit – 12=No longer exceeds Combined aggregate limit – 13=change in disability status between Conditional and Permanent

Session 722

Transfer Student Monitoring (TSM) Process

Session 723

TSM Process: Financial Aid History - General Policy

General regulations -Use NSLDS for all applicants (GEN-01-09, July 2001)
-Must inform NSLDS of mid-year transfer students -May rely on NSLDS information in making student eligibility and award determinations -Not required to respond to requests for FATs -Assist colleagues by responding to inquiries -Prescreening and postscreening continue to report on defaults, overpayments and aggregates

Session 724

TSM Process: School Responsibilities

School responsibilities -Inform NSLDS of its mid-year transfers -Wait at least 7 days before disbursing aid unless
– Check; or – Receive an Alert before 7 days expire

-Access alerts sent to school -Review student eligibility -Adjust scheduled disbursements if needed

Session 725

TSM Process:Steps

School informs NSLDS of students to be monitored (Inform) NSLDS monitors data received and determines who to notify (Monitor) NSLDS alerts new school of relevant changes (Alert)

Session 726

TSM Process:School Transfer Profile

Session 727

TSM Process:School Transfer Profile

Session 728

TSM Process:School Transfer Profile

Email address to send alert notice:
– New results are available - go to NSLDSFAP – New data file being sent - access SAIG mailbox – Could be group email address



SAIG Mailbox of person to receive data file (only for schools wanting a file sent) Add contact person for Transfer Student Monitoring on Organization Contact List

Session 729

TSM Process: Who Is Monitored? (Inform)

School tells NSLDS which students/applicants to monitor
– Applicant identifiers – Enrollment Begin Date - for the period for which aid is being awarded – Monitor Begin Date (optional)


Input methods (may use either or both):
– Enter on NSLDSFAP – Send data file to NSLDS

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TSM Process:Batch Inform

Batch file specifications (IFAP)

– SAIG message classes

TRNINFIN—School Inform file TRNINFOP—Error/Acknowledgment file TRLTRPOP—Alert - Report format TRALRTOP—Alert - Extract format

Any future additions to Batch File will be added to current “filler” space.
Session 739

TSM Process:Batch Inform
s s s

Record length = 150 bytes Header record Detail record (one per student)
– – – – – Applicant identifiers Enrollment Begin Date Monitor Begin Date Requesting a FAH, addition to the Inform List or Both Remove applicant from monitoring list • Allows school to delete student from list • One byte - ‘Y’ or ‘N’


Trailer record
Session 740

TSM Process:Batch Error/Acknowledgement File
s s s

Record length = 120 bytes Header record Detail record (one per error)
– – – – Applicant identifiers Field in Error Error/Warning Code Value of Field in Error • Value that caused the Error/Warning code generation

Session 741

TSM Process:Batch Error/Acknowledgement File

Trailer record
– Includes total count each of errors and warnings – Includes total count each of records with errors and/or warnings


Errors vs. Warnings
– Errors are values edits won’t allow
• • • • School has not set up their School Transfer Profile Invalid dates School OPEID code does not exist Non-numeric SSNs

Session 742

TSM Process:Batch Error/Acknowledgement File
– Warnings are values that might require review
• Student SSN not found - student is not on NSLDS, but has been added to school’s Transfer Monitoring list • SSN found, but name &/or DOB submitted does not match. Student has been added to school’s Transfer Monitoring list

Will be returned to school/servicer within 24 hours of Inform submittal
– If not received:
• File was not readable by NSLDS - file not processed

Session 743

TSM Process:Monitor

Is there new data affecting applicant’s eligibility?
– New data means a new loan or Pell Grant was added or changed for attendance at another school (since last ISIR or alert)
• • • • New loan originated New or cancelled disbursement on a loan New or reduced Pell Grant Award New or cancelled disbursement on a Pell Grant

– Data for attendance at school to which the applicant is transferring is not monitored – Changes in default status or overpayments would continue as done currently (postscreening) so that all schools are notified
Session 744

TSM Process:Monitor

Starts on Monitor Begin Date
– Date student is added to list (default); or – Future date requested by school


Ends on 91st day after Enrollment Begin Date
– Stops automatically – Monitoring period duration will be evaluated periodically to determine if it should be altered

Session 745

TSM Process:Alert

NSLDS communicates results only to the school to which the applicant is transferring
– The school that informed NSLDS


Output methods:
– NSLDSFAP – Financial aid history data file - shows entire FA history

s s

Email notification that an Alert has been generated Look for alerts on Thursday

Session 746

Session 747

TSM Process:Batch Alert
s s s

Record length = 260 bytes Header record Detail records
– – – – – Aggregates, match flags, MPN Name history Overpayment record(s) Pell Grant payment record(s) Loan detail record(s)


Trailer record

Session 748

TSM Process:Audit Report


Available under the Report tab of the NSLDSFAP web site Provides user with a list of students that received alerts and whether the alert was for a loan or Pell change

Session 749

Transfer Student Monitoring Process cont.

Statistics over the last year -Schools with Profiles 3,477 -Schools with Inform records 3,065 -Number of students Monitored 488,334 -Number of unique Alerts 181,055

Session 750

Web sites: For Financial Aid Professionals: For Students: Customer Service questions: Call: 1-800-999-8219 OR e-mail:
Session 751

Web Demonstration

Session 752