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New Expert Satellite Team Business-in-aBox SubContracting
• Use of complete workstations: 12 MT Complete Computer Sets 2 ME Complete Computer Sets • Use of MSGO facilities • Use of IT Infrastructure and Content • Management Support Production Management QA/QC Management ITC Management • HR Support • Admin Support • IT Support and Maintenance • Training Support OJT Training New BPO Training (whenever available) MT Training Updates & Upgrades • Guaranteed Market Support 400 lines/shift/day/person Billable lines at minimum of $0.04 cents per line.

Incubation Turn-key Business


Thinking Out of the Box
RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Turn-key Business.
4th Floor Flat Screen Computers

Building Facade

3rd Floor Workstations

3rd Floor Computers

3rd Floor Production

4th Floor Workstations


Business Solutions


Transcription Software

IT Infrastructure.

Software Upgrades


Corporate Proofreaders


Management Support System

Secured. Safe. Control Span. Strong Leadership.


RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Redundant Security Measures for all PHI
First Step. Security
Check before entering the building.

Third Step. Use the
Proximity Card to enter the Production Floor

Second Step. Use the
Biometrics System to be recognized as an official employee.

Security measures before entering the Production Floor.

Strict Security Measures

Fourth Step.
Use of Lockers.

Fifth Step.

Banned. Restriction in bringing cellular phones,
mp3 players, memory sticks, etc. in the Production Floor.

Removal of CD ROMS, discs, USB Ports, etc.

Security measures while inside the Production Floor.

Watch us perform 24 x 7

Automatic Log-on and off of computers in workstations with secured PIN. Use of licensed software in all workstations.

Security measures while performing work

Presence of IP Camera to monitor the Production Floor, and common areas to guarantee security.

Information does not leave U.S. soil

Files don’t leave the U.S. soil. Files are uploaded and kept in the U.S. servers that mirror our Philippine servers. Because of time/distance advantage, transcriptions are done real time.

Security measures while performing work

Site is highly secured and encrypted with 128/256 bit encryption

Signing of Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreement
All employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement, NonDisclosure and Non-Competition Agreement with the MT Company. All these are done to ensure that the employee adheres to the strictest security and accountability rules of HIPAA Law.

Complete System
Learn. Train. Produce. Earn.

RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.


Mentor-Mentee System

Client-specific Training

4th Floor Speed Training

PGMA Transcription On-the-Job Training Program

Market Driven
RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

400 lines per transcriptionist per shift per day

Learn and earn from multiple skills and specialties.

Medical Transcription

Record Summary

Business Transcription

Insurance Record Processing BPO

Organized. MSTC. JRU. EAGLES.

Sustainable System

RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

NEST – Production Team

EAGLES – Marketing Arm MSTC – Training Arm Trains NEST

JRU – Recruitment Arm

Continuous Improvement
Upgrades. Ramp-ups. Step-up.
RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Changing the paradigm of competition to collaboration & cooperation.
RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Shared cost. Fixed Cost.

RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Pay Forward. Reach Out to Communities

Social Angle

RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

Christian Values & Corporate Responsibility

Solid mission that extends to giving back to the society

Letting go. No restrictions for growth.


RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.

We look forward to have you on board with us.
RNN Ventures IDSG, Inc.