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. et al. little information is available for the study of relationship of these two. Reihl & Sipple.Statement of Problem • Many studies drew the conclusion that school climate is directly related to school outcomes (Hoy and Hoy. Hoy and Sabo. 1979. 1998. 2006. Halpin and Croft. 1963.) . • The research is proposed to investigate the possible relationship between variables at accredited schools . 1996). • Although many studies and literature have been devoted to these two variables. • Researches on commitment notably made connection with school effectiveness and influence student achievement (Mowday.

Specifically. Is there any significant relationship between achievement press and teacher commitment? • 4. the four dimensions of the OCI and their relationship to teacher commitment • 1. Is there any significant relationship between institutional vulnerability and teacher commitment? • 5. Is there any significant relationship of all OCI dimensions and teacher commitment? . Is there any significant relationship between professional teacher behavior and teacher commitment? • 3.Research Questions • The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a relationship between school climate and teacher commitment. Is there any significant relationship between collegial leadership and teacher commitment? • 2.

Tarter et al.Research Method • The development of the methodology in my research was modeled after Tarter and colleagues’ work with commitment and Hoy and colleague’s work with climate (1989. 2002.) • The Organizational Climate Index (OCI) is a 30item descriptive questionnaire that measures four elements of school climate in terms of openness and health • The Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ) is a 15-item questionnaire that measures the degree of involvement respondents have in their organization . Hoy et. al..

Sampling • The target populations for this study were teachers working in Islamic private secondary schools in Pattani province of which there are 13 schools had been accredited with External Quality Assurance accessed by Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) POPULATION • 1441 Teachers in 13 schools SAMPLING • Size calculator • Stratified SAMPLE • 304 randomly within school units .

Data Collection Data Analysis • the survey research and self-report questionnaires will be administered to 304 teachers from thirteen (13) external quality assurance Islamic private secondary schools in Pattani • The teachers will be selected using stratified and simple random sampling Descriptive • Demographic Inferential • RQ1-RQ5 .

All teachers were guaranteed anonymity and their participation was voluntary.. Tarter et al. 2002. 1989).Summary • The methods for this study on the relationship between climate and commitment were similar to other research studies (Hoy et al. The questionnaires pertinent to this study were the Organizational Climate Index (OCI) and the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ). Teachers were randomly selected to give responses to one of several questionnaires.. The data for this study were collected from 13 Islamic private secondary schools in the province of Pattani. . The data were collected and entered into SPSS for analysis.

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