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Department of Computer Engineering Delhi Technological University, Delhi

By: Akshit Peer DSE/2K9/005 B. Tech. (Software Engineering)

Contents • • • • • • • Introduction Overview Performance Test Creation Process Features and Benefits Release History Criticisms References .

Introduction • A tool from Rational Software division of IBM • Used for automated performance testing of web and server based applications • Allows users to create tests that mimic user transactions between an application client and server • Primarily used by Software Quality Assurance teams to perform automated software performance testing .

transactions are replicated in parallel to simulate a large transaction load on the server • Server response time measurements collected to identify the presence and cause of any potential application bottlenecks .Overview • A test automation tool used to measure web and server based application scalability • Allows users to create tests that mimic user transactions between application client and server • During test execution.

Performance Test Creation Process • Test Creation ▫ Tests created using the IBM Rational Performance Tester recording mechanism ▫ Recorder captures all transactions between application client (such as a web browser) and an application server ▫ Resulting test displayed as a tree view. where each branch of the tree represents a browser or client request and response .

user selects menu options which allow for insertion of loops. "if-then" type decision structures and response verification ▫ If custom coding solution is required. users can insert Java code modules to perform complex computations .Performance Test Creation Process • Test Editing ▫ Rational Performance Tester tests are not represented as code. but as tree view ▫ To edit the test.

in an effort to identify system bottlenecks . users drag and drop tests onto a schedule to simulate a given sequence of events ▫ Tests can be grouped by user profile.Performance Test Creation Process • Test Scheduling ▫ Rational Performance Tester can execute a single test or it can create a suite of tests for playback ▫ When creating a suite of tests. to represent the activities of different types of users on a system ▫ Volume of transactions can be set to increase at defined intervals to increase load during a test.

disk. throughput and response times .load. network and CPU utilization to identify the presence of hardware bottlenecks  Software related bottlenecks . ▫ Reports measure accuracy of system response which ensure that the system did not error out or crash during a test ▫ Reports measure:  System performance metrics .Performance Test Creation Process • Test Reporting ▫ Rational Performance Tester offers variety of reports to identify the presence and cause of system performance bottlenecks.

Features and Benefits • Scriptless Testing • Find and diagnose the cause of performance problems • Integrated Resource Monitoring • Real-time reporting for immediate performance problem identification • Run large multi-user tests with limited hardware • Automatic identification of and correlation of dynamic server responses • Automated test data variation • Accurate user profile workloads .

1 Released May.0 Released February.0 ▫ Previous generation performance testing tool.0 Released October. 2008 v8. 2010 . 2009 v8. unrelated to the current IBM Rational Performance Tester • • • • v7.1 Released July.2 Released October. 2005 ▫ Initial release ▫ First release of the Eclipse based IBM Rational Performance Tester ▫ IBM Rational previously offered Rational Performance Tester v6. 2007 v8.Release History • Rational Performance Tester 6.

organizations experience related challenges of discovering and resolving a performance issue in production .Criticisms • Can only find the performance bottlenecks that they are programmed to find • If a system performance bottleneck exists in an untested area of the system. Rational Performance Tester will not find the issue • System can go live without anyone's knowledge of the defect • Once the problem surfaces in a deployed system.

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