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LCE BIDS AND AWARDS COMMITTEE (BAC) Chairperson Vice-Chairperson BAC Members (including provisional member) .... OBSERVERS 1 COA 1 NGO 1 Private Sector TWG BAC Secretariat PROCUREMENT UNITS (End Users) ...

A third ranking permanent official BAC VICE-CHAIRPERSON of the procuring entity.LGU / BAC COMPOSITION A third ranking permanent official of the procuring entity. At least one representative each from BAC MEMBERS the regular offices End User represented in the BAC BAC CHAIRPERSON   OBSERVERS    1 Commission On Audit (COA)  1 NGO  Private Sector  TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP Pool of Technical / Financial /Legal Experts BAC Secretariat .

1. d) Receive. e) Conduct the evaluation of bids. Conduct the Bidding Process a) Advertise and/or post the invitation to bid b) Conduct Pre-Procurement and Pre-Bid Conference. c) Determine eligibility and qualifications of bidders during Opening and Preliminary Examination of Bids. f) Undertake post-qualification proceedings g) Deliberates who will be determine as the Lowest/single Calculated Responsive Bid and recommend the award of the contract . open and examine Bids.

c) short-list of eligible bidders in case of consulting.2. e) imposition of administrative sanctions . d) bidder having the Highest Rated Bid. in case of consulting. b) use of alternative methods. Recommend the following: a) award of contracts to the LCE or dulyauthorized representative.

6. Prepare an Annual Procurement Plan and Procurement Monitoring Report. 4. Resolve request for reconsideration. Create TWG. and 7. Ensure that the procuring entity abides by the standards set forth by the Act. . Invite observers and establishes criteria for inviting observers. 5.3.

Take custody of the procurement documents responsible for the sale/distribution of bidding documents. Prepare minutes of the BAC meeting. Attend BAC meetings as Secretary. Provide administrative support to the BAC. . 4. 5. 2. Organize all BAC meetings.1. 3.

BAC SECRETARIAT: FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 6. Be the central channel of communications. 7. Assist in managing the Procurement process. Monitor procurement activities and milestones for proper reporting to relevant agencies. 9. . Consolidate PPMPs for review by the BAC/TWG. and 10. Make arrangements for the pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences and Bid openings. 8.

Jury Duty. Provide TA in the evaluation of bids and post-qualification. Provide technical assistance in the procurement process. 4.1. 3. . 2. Provide TA in the eligibility screening.

TWG and BAC SERETARIAT have no right to vote during BAC meetings nor authorized to sign in behalf of the members represented. .OBSERVERS.

 Head of the Procuring Entity  Approving Authority  Chief Accountant and his/her staff. unless any of the former were designated as end-user of the project (COA Circular 2003-04) .