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Plan in Paper for years
Recreational facility with Boating, Island and Restaurants proposed long back.


for Vandiyur lake

Already We have Walkers club, Skating ground and a mini Indoorstadium here.  If the proposed model is implemented, Vandiyur lake will serve as a great Entertainment spot for Madurai people and Tourists.

• Facilities expected :
* Boating

* Beautification of existing Park, * Island creation with restaurants and * A Swimming Pool for Children.  Water in this lake is present almost throughout the year, and If Govt. is serious in implementing things for Vandiyur lake, Sure it will be a favourite spot for Madurai people.


Zoological Park at Azhagar koil
 It’s a beautiful Green-cover area of Ghats, with dense Forests full of herbal medicines.  A Zoological Park, long-term demand of Maduraites can be made viable here, as this environment is eco-friendly for animals too. • Already Azhagar-Koil is a well known pilgrim place in Madurai with famous Kallalagar temple, 18-steps Karuppanasamy temple and Pazhamudhircholai – one among 6 abodes of Lord Muruga. It’s in much vicinity for People of Madurai, also to People from adjacent Dindigul and Pudukottai districts.

• A wide-spread Lake with water for almost, throughout the year, in Tiruparankundram, a part of Madurai city.

Madurai Thenkaal as Hyderabad’s Hussain Sagar
• This Lake can be developed on the lines of Hyderabad’s HUSSAIN-SAGAR Lake by creating Mini-Amusement Parks in PPP model, Boating, Restaurants, Walking tracks around the lake, a Skating-track for Children, Mini Indoor-stadium, a Library and a Swimming Pool.

• If a statue of Lord Murugan / Meenakshi amman / big FISH to represent Madurai Pandiya dynasty..[Please no options for any kind of leaders’ statues here..:(..] is created at the center of the lake, as in Hussain sagar, It will serve as an another identity for Madurai.

If such-an entertainement hub is created at this lake, sure it will be a heaven for Madurai people and our tourists. It will also replace our feelings for a Beach environment.


Nagamalai…. As the name suggests..
 As the name suggests, this green-cover ghats in Madurai is more blended with the Snakes.

• Expectations :
 A Reptile Park for Snakes & other possible reptiles like Crocodiles etc. can be created at this place to make it an entertainment spot for Madurai.

• It’s also a long-term demand for Maduraites to have an exclusive Science Planetarium in Madurai. • Facilities here can be created on the lines of Bangalore’s Vishwesvaraya museum, One-such kind will cater to the need of whole TN as we in whole lack one such museum.

 Though it is proposed to come-up in Tirumalai nayak Palace premises, We feel better if it also comes in the site of :  Yanaimalai  Keezhakuyilkudi Samanar caves  Tenparankundram Rock-cut cave temple.

• So that It will be an added attraction, adding promotion to these spots.

Kudlaadampatti water Falls
• Kudlaadampatti water-Falls need more attention from the Govt. as the facilities are not upto mark and the picnic-spot is currently invaded by the anti-social elements.

Vaigai Dam & Park
• Boating can be arranged as an added-attraction for Vaigai dam and the Parks need to be re-structured and beautified with colourful cramptons to attract more tourists.

 More TNSTC buses should be made available b/w Madurai and Kodaikanal directly. Currently, the no. of buses plying b/w Madurai and Kodai are very less.  TTDC must introduce One-day tours b/w Madurai & Kodai.

 A Permanent trade center at Madurai is also a long term demand for us.  Now-a-days, the only Tamukkam grounds is engaged all the 365 days, as Madurai got exposed to new fairs like Food

festival, Book festival, Crafts festival, Home expo fair, trade fair, Healthcare fair, printing industry fair, automobiles fair etc apart from its Chithirai exhibition.

• As EXHIBITION/FAIR stands to be an alternate entertainment option for people in Madurai, It will be better If Govt. comes up with a solid plan for Madurai Trade center, exclusively to host exhibitions.

International Cricket Stadium at Madurai

The Game Changer…
• Tamilnadu Cricket Control Board should build an International Cricket Stadium at Madurai which will be a Vibrant for both domestic and International tourism during the sports season. • With Madurai having an International Airport, and being a well-known tourist destination, this move will boost-up the tourism, not only in Madurai but in entire Southern Tamilnadu region.

ECO Parks at tourist spots
• More Green-cover is expected in & around Madurai, wherever possible, starting from Small parks every wards to ECO Parks every tourist place.  ECO Parks expected in :

o o o o o

Tiruparankundram Azhagar-Koil Keezhakuyilkudi Samanar Caves Yaanaimalai Naganakulam – Madurai Boat Club on natham road

Tourism Service Counters
 Tourism service counters will be stalled in :

         

Madurai Integrated Bus Terminus (MIBT) Madurai Railway Junction Madurai International Airport Periyar City-bus terminus Meenakshi Amman Temple Tirumalai Nayak Palace Tiruparankundram temple Azhagar Koil Kodaikanal Rameswaram

To serve our Hospitality…
• Tourist Navigators will be available in the counter who will be guiding the tourist with their rich knowledge about the culture and heritage of Madurai. Tourist navigators are

graduated in tourism and hospitality management.
• Tourist kiosks will also be available in all Tourist service counters in major Indian languages.

• Hotel bookings will be done online in counter from budget to luxury level at best rates provided by hotels.

Integrated Tourist Service
• Welcome kit is available in Tourism Service counters at a nominal cost.  Welcome kit includes :

 travel pass in public transport system  free entry to all tourist spots.

Sight Seeing / Package Tours
• Sightseeing / Package Tours in A/C & Non A/C Ultra Deluxe buses which will be covering most of the tourist spots in and around Madurai.

Tourist guides
• Professional tourist guides to be available in all tourist spots to guide the tourists. • The tourist guide will be having a govt authorized batch with his name and reference no. • Tourists can make complaint on any faulty tourist guides with their name and reference no to tourism police or toll free helpline which will be displayed in all tourist places.

Tourism Police
• Tourism police will be stationed in all tourist spots, Madurai junction and in all major bus stands to help the tourists any time.

Handicrafts Bazaar
• Handicrafts Bazaar will be located separately and the shops will be rented to skilled handicraft persons who will be doing the business on their own and not to any middle men. • All the tourists will be invited to this bazaar with their own willingness.

Marketing & Promotion
• Ad campaigns will be given through press media, digital media and social media to attract tourists by pitching above said points along with places in and around Madurai. • Ad campaigns should be promoted in major cities in North India also.

All About Madurai
• All About Madurai (AAM) is an Enthusiastic Online Community for Madurai, managed by the members with passion to develop our city on the global standards. AAM looks at preserving our own heritage of Madurai, besides improving the City to global standards as Madurai being visited by Citizens of numerous nations throughout the year. We, being the gateway for the entire Southern Tamilnadu and a Centric place for all South TN tourist spots with an International airport, hold the responsibility to create a neat Image for Madurai so that It will reflect in the growth of our region. AAM is in touch with the local administrators and Elected representatives, suggest them the needs & solutions to accomplish our mission. Numerous Petitions, Memorandum, Complaints had been made by AAM for the development of Madurai to our administrators so far. You can also join us at : •


Plan Madurai, It’s our Pleasure to Welcome you !!