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Workshop on Device Master Data

Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)

March 12, 2010

TCS Confidential

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What is a Device Modeling of Device Device and Device Category Device Creation Process Flow Register Groups Creation of Register Group in SAP Device Category Creation of Device Category in SAP Device Serial Number Creation of Device Serial Number in SAP Displayed Status of a Device in SAP Queries for clarification

March 12, 2010


What is a Device

A Device is a piece of equipment installed at the customer's premise that is used to measure consumption, process data or control and protect other instruments. Example: an electricity meter.
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What is a Device [Contd…]
Each device belongs to a certain device category. The device category groups together all devices with similar features (e.g. price class, Register Group, or certification data). The various Device Categories are allocated to one Basic Device Category such as: Meter
For purpose of measuring power consumption at a customer's premise we will use devices with device category as 'Meter'. Device Categories of the Basic Device Category ‘Meter’ require a Register Group.

Register Groups in SAP are used to determine the ‘dials’ in a meter and their characteristics, i.e. whether they are cumulative or resetting, consumption or demand, the number of pre and post decimal digits there are, etc.

March 12, 2010


Modeling of Device

March 12, 2010


Device and Device Category

March 12, 2010


Device Creation Process Flow
Basic Steps involved in the process of creation of a new Device are as follows: • Upon occurrence of a triggering event such as initiation of a new connection or replacement of a meter or installation of check meter etc. WBSEDCL will receive a request for installing a metering device at a customer premise. • WBSEDCL will check for the availability of a suitable metering device which can be installed to fulfill the requirement. • Check if the proper Register Group required to correctly capture the consumption data exists in the system. If Not then the correct Register Group will be created in SAP. • Check if the required Device Category exists in the system (Example: Single/Double Rate Meter/Check meter etc.) If Not then the required Device Category will be created in SAP. • Create a Device Serial Number under the required Device Category in SAP to identify the individual Metering Device. The status of this device will be shown as 'Available for installation' in March 12, 2010 SAP.


Applications for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

Register Groups
Register Groups consist of the set of registers which actually capture the amount of units consumed at an installation in a meter. Each Device Category of the Basic Device Category ‘Meter’ is assigned a Register Group.
A typical Electricity Meter Register will contain the following parameters : Register Info: This gives a free text to put information about the register group. Typical information will be ‘Metric Consumption - 4 Dials’. Type of Register: Example :- Cumulative (03 = Cumulative Consumption Register) No of digits before decimal place: Depends on the number of dials

No of digits after decimal place
Unit of Measure (e.g.. Kilo Watt Hour – KwH) Multiplication factor (Default = 1 when devices are created. They are be changed for a particular device as and when required) Register Display Type (e.g.. Role display/Digital display/Mechanical display/LCD display)
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Master Data Objects in FI-CA – Central Objects

Creation of Register Group in SAP

Name of the Register Group

March 12, 2010


Contract Accounts

Device Category
Device Category is a term used in SAP to categorize different types of devices used in Utility industry based on their purpose, usage and mode of operation. SAP provides the functionality to group various devices with respect to certain basic category such as Meter. For example different type of Meters such as Single rate Meter / Double Rate Meter / Single or Three Phase Meter etc. can be configured as a device category in SAP. The device Category contains the following parameters: • Basic Category (‘Meter’ in this case) • Device Category : The naming convention of Device Category will depend upon the Make, Model, Type , Register Group of the Meter (This needs to be finalized by WBSEDCL) • Device Category Description: This field will contain the brief description of the device category. • Type of Device to be created: It specifies the type of device that can be created within this device info record. The default setting is devices and device info records permitted • Register Group: The register group contains the information specific to registers of the device. • Certification Required: This field will capture whether External/ Internal Certification is required for the device or Not

March 12, 2010


Creation of Device Category in SAP

Name of the Device Category Basic Device Category is ‘Meter’

Register Group is Assigned

March 12, 2010


Device Serial Number
Device Serial Number is an identification number for the individual Meter device. Each Device serial number is always unique for a Device Category. Following mandatory information is required in SAP for creation of a Device Serial Number:

•Manufacturer (Name of the Meter’s Manufacturer) •Year of Construction (Year of manufacture of the Meter) •Valid From (Date since when the Meter is valid from) •Inspection relevance of device (Weather inspection is required for the meter)
The following parameters will be inherited through the device category and register group •Register Group •Price Class The system maintains the following status for each device: INST  Meter is already Installed AVLB  Meter is Available for installation

March 12, 2010

Creation of Device Serial Number in SAP

Name of Manufacturer

Year of Manufacture

Date of Validity of the Meter Register Group assigned Relevance of Meter Inspection

March 12, 2010


Displayed Status of a Device in SAP

Status of Meter is shown as Available for Installation
Meter Serial Number is created

March 12, 2010


Queries for clarification
1. How many types of Meter based on consumption unit, No. of registers and Phases are maintained by WBSEDCL ?
2. What all parameters are captured for each of the Meter Categories/Class as per point 1 3. List of Meter Manufacturers who supply Meters to WBSEDCL. 4. List of Register Characteristics as maintained in SAP. 5. What is the naming convention for Meter Serial Numbers ?

March 12, 2010

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March 12, 2010