Session #23 Hands On

NSLDS for Beginners Valerie Sherrer & Andrea Wise

Session Agenda
• • Navigate NSLDS on the Web Use NSLDS to administer FAA processes – Report and monitor Overpayment(s) – Maintain student Enrollment information – Update School Contact information – Utilize TSM for mid-year transfers

How to obtain NSLDS Access
• SAIG Web Site:
– Primary Destination Point Administrator (PDPA) at your organization – PDPA responsible for enrolling, monitoring and deleting users at your organization – Every User is assigned a TG number, designated as a Destination Point Administrator (DPA)

• Contact CPS/WAN Technical Support for assistance at 1-800-330-5947

How to obtain NSLDS Access
• SAIG notifies NSLDS of users requesting access • NSLDS sends User Letter and Password Letter • NSLDS Future enhancement –Email Notification of NSLDS User ID to PDPA


How to get to the NSLDS Web Site
• Enter to access the logon screen • Enter User ID and Password as assigned by NSLDS • Every user must receive and only use his/her own User ID and Password



 Helpful Links

System Requirements

Change Password

Download Help


 Enter your NSLDS  User ID and NSLDS  Password


Click  “I Agree” that  you are authorized  to access this data and will protect the  Privacy of it 

User Access Verification
Enter letters and numbers  shown in box

NSLDS Main Menu

Message Box

REQUIRED Input Student’s SSN, First  Name,  and DOB Click  functions such as “Loan History”

Aid Tab Menu

REQUIRED Input Student’s SSN, First  Name,  and DOB Click  functions such as “Loan History”

Loan History
Click number or  Loan Detail Button  to see more loan  information

Loan Detail Page

 Click  “Overpayment List” to go to  Overpayment Page

Page continued belownext slide

Loan Detail Page cont’d

Overpayment List

Click Number Icon To Update/Delete Overpayment

Click  “Add Overpayment”  to add another

Add Overpayment

Fill In Required Fields

Click  “Submit”

Add Overpayment Continued

Click Number Icon to go to  Update/Delete Page

Click “Grants” 

Grants Page

Return to Main Menu

Click “Enroll” Tab to  go to Enrollment  function 

Enrollment Tab Menu

ENTER  “SSN”, “First Name”,  and “DOB”, Then Click “Retrieve”

Enrollment Summary Page

Click “Enrollment Detail” for  expanded view

Enrollment Detail

Advanced Display Options allows selection of records to display

Enrollment Summary Page

Click “Enrollment  Timeline” to see chronology of reported enrollment

Enrollment Timeline

Enrollment Summary Page

Click “Enrollment  Maintenance”  to update this  student

Enrollment Add

ENTER  “SSN”, “First Name”,  and “DOB”, Then Click “Retrieve”

Click “Enrollment Update”  

Loan Record Must Exist on NSLDS To Add Student

Enrollment Update

To see all Enrollment records,  click “Retrieve”

Search Options allow  sort by data fields, then click “Retrieve”

Update Student Enrollment

“Check All” fills check box and updates Cert Date

Update Student Info, then click “Certify Checked Students”

Enrollment Update Continued

Click “Confirm” or “Cancel”

Successful Update

Indicates Successful Update

Return to Main Menu

Click “Org” Tab 

Org Tab Menu

Click “Number Icon” To Update/Delete

Click To Add New  Contact Information

Always create: A Primary Contact & Enrollment Reporting­ and  provide EMAIL ADDRESSES

Update/Delete Contact

Click “Update”  or  “Delete”

Update Information

Update Fields, Then Click “Submit”

Update Contact Information

Indicates Successful  Update

Search for an Organization

Enter Type, Code and/or Name and Click “Retrieve”

Organization after Search

Click “Data  Provider Schedule”

Data Provider Schedule

Click “Repayment Information”

Repayment Information

Click To Request Borrower Report Click “Cohort Default Rate”

Cohort Default Rate History List

Click “School  Profile”

School Profile

Main Menu

Click “Report” Tab 

Request Report

Click “Log Page”  To Check Status

To Request Report, Click “Number Icon”

Request Report Continued

Indicate “Type” Check To Select  Request

Indicate Sort Order

Click “Submit”

Request Report Continued

Verify Parameters, and Click “Confirm”

Main Menu

Click “Tran” Tab 

Transfer Monitoring List

Click “Number Icon”  To Update/Delete

Click To Add Student

Sort/Retrieve  Students That Meet  Conditions

Student Monitoring Detail

Click “Monitoring Alert Review”

Click “Update” or “Delete”

Monitor Alert Review

Click item to review the aid that has  changed

Check Reviewed  Box to clear alert

School Transfer Profile

Click “Update”

School Transfer Profile Update

Update Fields

Click “Submit”

School Transfer Profile Update

Submitted  Successfully

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