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Financial Partner Systems Pam Eliadis Jerry Wallace

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What’s New

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Financial Partner Data Mart


Financial Partners Data Mart
Upon selecting the “Financial Partners Data Mart” option from the Financial Partners Portal Home Page, you will be directed to the Financial Partners Data Mart Quick Access Page. Current users can log into FP Datamart and new users an can request access to the system.

Financial Partners Data Mart Registration
To initiate the request for access to FPDM, a completed User ID Request Form must be signed and delivered to the FPDM System Security Officer. The SSO must have a hard copy of the request form with an original signature before the request can be approved. Once the SSO approves it, the access request procedures become automated and the requestor will be notified by email.

FP Datamart Login Page
Registered FP Datamart users can access the login page via or  User name and Passwords are supplied during the automated registration process after security
forms have been submitted.  Users will be prompted to change their password upon first login and password must conform to Department of Ed/Federal Student Aid standard. every 90 days. The

The left side-bar allows for access account management, in the event of:
 Forgot Password  Change Password  Registration (only used when directed, as part of automated request procedures)

FP Datamart Welcome Page
Upon successful login, the Welcome page will appear and list all Microstrategy projects. FPDM users will only have access to the Financial Partners project.

Navigating FPDM Folders
To access public reports, double click on the Shared Reports folder. A list of public folders will appear. Double click the desired to folder to view reports.

Running a FPDM Running

1. Double click a report

2. Answer the prompts 3. Report will display

Logging out FPDM Running
To log out of the FP Datamart, select “logout” and close the web browser.

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