The World's Most Successful Corporate Culture


Sunil Rajguru Nihal Ponnoju

Vivek Savaliya

What shall we discuss in the next 15 minutes?  Why is it important for HR to be at the table? Is HR at the table yet? What are the key indicators? Why is HR not at the table? How can we make it to the table? Questions & Answers 2     .

Differences Organizational Structure The formal system of work roles and authority relationships that govern how associates and managers interact with one another. 3 . It is a powerful force in organizations. Organizational Culture Involves the values and norms shared by managers and associates that influence behavior.

Foundations of Google’s Culture  Expectations  Empowerment  Innovation  Employee centered 4 .

5 .Expectations  Free work schedule expectations team-based atmosphere  High  Relaxed.

high middle management 6 .Empowerment “Flat” structure.

Empowerment collaborative culture 7 .

Empowerment High Tech environment 8 .

Innovation  Adhocracy culture-  Examples  focus on flexibility and creativity.  leaders are entrepreneurial  Effectiveness measured in creativity and innovation  Vibrant workplace. but high risk taking  Google Earth  Google Chrome  YouTube 9 .

Employee Centered  Young work place  Facilities  Hiring methods Fortune magazine “Best Companies to Work For”  Attracts the best applicants  applicant tracking system (ATS)  10 .

Keen. Wyden and Kennedy  Each companies culture is different 11 . the future of corporate culture?  Many new companies following this trend.Google.  Nike.

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