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The Lisbon Treaty was created 19th October 2007 by the heads of the states and the governments of EU 13th December 2007 agreement was subsigned in Lisbon Agreement has to be validated by all the 27 membership states of EU

Content and form of the Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon treaty consists of preamble, 7 articles and 12 protocols and 51 declarations. Agreement in the first article changes Agreement of European Union, in the second article it changes Agreement about establishment of European community, in a way that the Agreement of establishment of European community is renamed to Agreement about the functioning of EU. The other five articles contain transition and final assessments. Protocol nm. 2, attached to the Agreement about EU and to the Agreement about functioning of EU, changes the Agreement about the establishment of European community for atomic energy.

Content and form of the Lisbon Treaty

Foundation agreements of the EU will contain these most important agreements, according to the Lisbon Treaty:
Agreement about the EU Agreement about the functioning of the EU Agreement about the esteblishment of European community for atomic energy.

Changes according to the Lisbon Treaty

The system of the institutions of the the EU should be changed Institutions of the EU should be: European parliament European council, the head of the council should be Prime Minister who would be voted by European council for two years and a half . The prime minister of the European council should not have any national function; the European council should become a proper institution of the European Union Council should have system of rotatory praesidium, except of the Council for foreign policy, where a representative of EU should be the Prime minister

Changes according to the Lisbon Treaty

European comission - Its member and vice-president should be a representative of Union for foreign policy -Since 1st November 2014 the number of members should be two thirds of the number of membership states Star chamber of the EU -This should consist of Star Chamber, General Court and Distinctive courts European Central bank Audit Court

Differences with the Constitution for Europe

Differences between the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitution for Europe are mainly in the form of the agreement. The Lisbon Treaty excludes all the political symbols, which were probably one of the reasons of failure of the constitution. It is not called constitution any more, also there are no references about the symbols of EU, which should have been called, according to constitution, European law

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