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About Company Objective Location Finance SWOT Analysis PEST Analyses Competitive Analysis


Royal fresh Juice Agro is a company which will produce fruit juice.

Royal fresh juice Agro is going to make unique position in terms of corporate presence and also a platform for other Fruit Juice companies, with its advanced technology and the instrumentation required to manufacture a Juice that has many different flavors, for utmost customer satisfaction.
Rfj Agro will be an environment-friendly company dedicated on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, as a service to society and preservation of nature.

Selection of the product

The product selected is Juice and our brand name is Royal fresh Juice


Royal fresh juice is a 100 percent fruit juice which will be produced and marketed by the royal fresh juice Agro Industries Ltd. Royal fresh juice will produce juice in the following varieties Apple Orange Pineapple Grapes Guava Mango Mixed Fruit Pear Banana


Kullu, Himachal Pradesh raw material



Carry out business in the field of horticulture and food processing in Himachal Pradesh Target of capturing at least 5 per cent of the market share within a year and 15per cent by 2012-end Providing healthy juice for customers


Will be incorporated with an initial investment of Rs.5 cr (50 million) Two cr own capital & Three cr from loans

Adequate availability of raw materials High consumer retention rate Price, a competitive advantage Natural product

Seasonal availability of fruits Brand acknowledgement Limited financial resources Late entry into the market

Participation with a growing industry. Competitive advantage over carbonated soft drinks Wellness awareness amongst consumers IPL & 35 Nation games in 2012 Success of incredible India campaign

Cut throat competition Unstable government policies Global warming - Scarcity of raw material

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process in marketing of dividing a market into distinct subsets (segments) that behave in the same way or have similar needs
Variables Used for Segmentation Geographic variables Demographic variables Psychographic variables Behavioral variables

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Identification Of Competitors
Competitor Analysis Market share Comparison Strengths & Weaknesses of Competitor

Strengths & Weakness of competitors

Name CavinKare Pvt Ltd Strengths Acquired Maa Fruits Pvt Ltd Distribution network Weakness Entering in a new segment

Coca Cola India

PepsiCo Parle Agro

Global leader in beverages Growing Fast

Global Brand in beverage Market share

New Entry
Less Product Line Less Product Line

Godrej Beverages

Market leader

Less cost effective

New entry

Ladakh Foods
Mother dairy


New Entry

Cost Effective

Marketing Objective & Strategies

Product Place Pricing Promotion

Pricing Policy

Apply the concept of providing quality product at optimum price

Provide Lucrative discounts, deals and schemes Adopt sales oriented objective Have one price policy to maintain a goodwill among customers.


Desire refers to people's willingness to own a good. Demand is the amount of a good that consumers are willing and able to buy at a given price.

Factors Influencing our juice Demand The amount of a good demanded depends on:

the price of the juice the income of consumers the demand for alternative juice which could be used (substitutes) the demand for juice used at the same time (complements) whether people like the taste of juice (consumer taste).


Supply is the amount of a good producers are willing and able to sell at a given price.

Factors Influencing Supply of our juice The total sells of juice depend on the price of the good; the cost of making the good; the supply of alternative goods the producer could make with the same resources (competitive supply); the supply of goods actually produced at the same time (joint supply); unexpected events that affect supply.

The factors which will contribute to the success for our juice demands in market: High consumer retention rate Price, a competitive advantage Natural product Great distribution network Well Health product

Launching and Promotion

Promotional Tactics

Provide free samples in the market for the brand awareness


The following shows the advertising in the print media to our target audience by using the message showing a glass full
of juice Drink this much every day

Factors to Consider - Vending Machines

Location of current vending machines

Power sources Marketing strategies

Size of Cans and or Bottles Cans, Bottles, or both Pricing strategies

Lower for healthier choices Price all beverages the same Price based on ounces

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