By : Kumari Amita Raj (2011MB0038) Mansi Srivastava (2011MB0042


“Predicts the future by creating it”Peter Drucker.nurtures and assumes ownership of a unique idea and its risk and impending outcomes. . A person who conceptualizes .

NIIT Limited. He created a whole new industry segment in India: Computer education. Rajendra S. the leading Global Talent Development Corporation and NIIT Technologies Limited.Mr. . the software and services arm. Pawar is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the NIIT Group which encompasses two businesses .

He is a founding member of NASSCOM and a member of the international Business council.Acknowledging his contribution to the IT industry in India. . Pawar has been honored with the prestigious Nayudamma Award 2012. Padma Bhushan by the President of India in 2011. Mr. Pawar has been awarded the country’s prestigious civilian honour. for his continued contribution to the IT industry in India. Mr.

he has built an organization that is recognised for its visionary role in bringing the benefits of Information Technology. to the masses. As the co-founder of NIIT Group. a leading Global Talent Development Corporation. NIIT University established in 2009 with a vision of being the leading centre of innovation and learning in emerging areas of the Knowledge Society. India Advisory Board of Project Management Institute (PMI). He is the co-founder of the not-for-profit. both as a professional skill and as a learning tool. He is also a member of the India Advisory Board of the Maastricht University.Vijay K. Netherlands. . USA and the Governing Council of All India Management Association (AIMA). Thadani is the Chief Executive Officer of NIIT Ltd.

e. . it was facing initial hiccups also. trained manpower would become the hindrance for the IT sector going forward. the Indian IT industry was still finding its feet.At the beginning. Paucity of skilled resources:  It was the gap that become the inspiration for NIIT and shaped its dream and vision.  They realize the absence of this this vital fuel i. As a new sector.

Bringing People and computers together .

 To provide computer training that would build a pool of professionals that could be used by the IT industry.  To make optimal use of IT investment To offer them Consultancy services alongside training for their personnels.  .

  IT education Software service .

it stocked the fire of entrepreneurship among other first-time businessmen as well. At the same time. .   Captured the imagination of the industry as well as young India. Build the career of thousands of unemployed graduates .

in order to make the journey exciting and worthwhile. keep an eye on the ball not on the scoreboard”  Entrepreneurs should go out and actually seek the problems that they can solve . . “While batting in cricket . Entrepreneurship is all about creating challenges and overcoming them.

It is a sustainable campus that provides seamless learning & spurs original thinking. a not –for-profit university located in Rajasthan is the dream venture of NIIT. It has all the hallmarks of an entrepreneurial enterprise which is packed with complexities and difficulties. NU.   .

.   Organization that remain internationally competitive and came up with offerings that made them the first choice for customers. is the force of entrepreneurship. organization building has remained at the heart of entrepreneurship.that it develops unique and enduring organizations and institutions. It is one among the many schools of advanced learning in the country . For NIIT.

the mission that guides the company and help it outline its future roadmap.  .    Inspiration Aspiration Respiration Perspiration Inspiration is the part that has to do with the vision of the organization’s leadership.

. It is this vision –sharing between the leaders and followers that raises the aspiration levels within organizations.   Perspiration is just about the toil and hard work that one must put in to ensure zero-defect execution. Respiration is about providing oxygen for the mind and encouraging employees to ideate in a completely open environment.

            Problem seekers Problem solver Selection of team Find ways to meet the need Use their creativity Execute the solution to perfection Focus on taking feedback at every stage Able to differentiate between right or wrong Able to make organization open to new ideas To be unpredictable. inconsistent and highly responsive Patience and tenacity Die hard optimism .