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Organic Architecture is an architectural idea which promotes harmony between man-made structure and the nature around, through

design approach so integrated that the buildings become part of a unified and interrelated composition. It is also the term coined by Frank Lloyd Wright to express his design philosophy.

not only addresses environmental concerns but also expresses INDIVIDUALITY. each building is related to the variables like MAN, SITE, & TIME so every resulting structure is UNIQUE & UNREPEATABLE

The design approach is inspired by nature and the built form grows out of the site emerging like an organism from the seed of the nature It visually poetical, radical in design, multifaceted* & surprising, distinctive but flexible, and environmentally conscious.
* Multifaceted having many facets or aspects; adaptable; functional

Organic Architecture should:

The structure should suit the site It must take into consideration the seasons of the year. It must consider the embodied energy in the materials used in construction. It must not be wasteful of either time or money during construction. It should be a low cost building to operate

Architect and planner, David Pearson stated what Organic Architecture should be: Let the design: be inspired by nature and be sustainable, healthy, conserving, and diverse; unfold, like an organism, from the seed within; exist in the continuous present and begin again and again; follow the flows and be flexible and adaptable; satisfy social, physical, and spiritual needs; grow out of the site and be unique; celebrate the spirit of youth, play and surprise; express the rhythm of music and the power of dance.

Santiago Calatrava

He is both an architect and an engineer, who uses organic forms in his designs.

Antoni Gaudi
He was one of the rst architects to express himself in sculptural form. These forms were often based on the forces at play in the construction. During the last phase of his life he developed a natural geometry of double curved surfaces that he applied in the church of the Sagrada Familia.

Straight lines belong to man; curve lines belong to God.