How close we are to lose the internet



Advantages& disadvantages



 What is SOPA? It was introduced by lamar smith .

To promote prosperity. and innovation by combating the theft of U. property.“ GOALS: to curb ongooing piracy Enforcements To Combat Intellectual Property Theft Provide better internet security .S. entrepreneurship. creativity. and for other purposes.

       will allow the U. domestic AND international.S. Any person having unauthorized streaming is punishable under this act Any person committing crime under this act can be given maximum penalty of five years Deep-packet inspection and privacy According to this act an attorney general (AG) is appointed for patrolling internet The AG may commence an action against any website the AG believes to be a foreign infringing site . law force authorization to fight illegal spreading of intellectual property and counterfeit goods. it was a bill that wants to stop all online piracy. to shut down and arrest any website or individual that is using copyrighted material It gives the U. In essence.S.

The maximum jail sentence would go from 15 to 20 years and the applicable fine would go from under $500. This scheme allows rights holder to require payment network providers and Internet advertising services to stop service to an allegedly infringing site without judicial oversight.000 to between $1million and $5million.  SOPA increases penalties for economic espionage (essentially trade secrets). .

YouTube. The act has big sponsors and supporters like EA GAMES. yahoo. NIKE. Morzilla corporation. twitter. APPLE  But it has many opponents like Google. Facebook. EPIC GAMES . riot games. eBay .

 It can curb ongoing online piracy  It protects intellectual property of creators  It benefits artists  It protects against counterfeit drugs  Blocks rogue websites  It benefits movie makers like motion pictures legendary films etc .

no yahoo  As infringing content can be posted in blogs so there would be no blogging sites .e no Google . There would be no search engines  I.

rapidshare will be blocked as it can share intellectual property  No torrent sites like the pirate bay  No Wikipedia  No unauthorized video streaming so no YouTube . Website which allow file sharing like Megaupload .

any packet data basically invading our privacy .cityville on facebook  As online selling sites like ebay and flipkart can resale first copy goods they can be shut down by this act  This act wants to give the united states the authority to inspect any outgoing connection . No photo sharing and video sharing on social networking sites  No games like zynga poker farmville.

 Impact on individuals  Impact on websites  Impact on e business  Restriction on digital media .

 Individual lose their freedom of expression.  Without websites like Netflix we cannot stream movies online. speech they loose their free internet  Without search engines like Google we cant access information we are searching for  Without Wikipedia we cannot access knowledge and encyclopedia. .

Many websites will loose their sponsors if this act is passed  This act wants websites which upload user contents should self patrol user generated content which causes lots of revenue  All the owner of torrent sites will be arrested for violation of copyright of intellectual property  Any user downloading from torrent sites or any file sharing sites can be arrested  All the owners of websites depending on advertisement for revenue will lose their revenue  .

and owners of such sites will loose their business  In many developed countries their economy depends on e business due to this economy will become unstable or slow which can lead to unemployment . SOPA act will have a large impact on e business  Nowadays we buy stuff online if this bill passes we wont get access to such sites.

 To stop this act there were many protests  Wikipedia had blacked out for 24 hours to raise voice against sopa .

 Over 160 million people viewed this banner worldwide  Google changed its main page to protest against sopa .

 Above is the image of Google's Homepage with link for User's petition sign in page  The petition page is shown below .

 Over 7 million people signed this petition from united states and over 10 million people signed this petitions via google  Internet browser morzila firefox had also joined the protest .

Universal Music Group. FBI. the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)  Kaspersky lab a major computer security company demonstrated opposition to SOPA and discontinued its membership from international intellectual property alliance  .Over 7000 other websites had joined the blackout  Hacktvist group called anonymous led linked digital attack protest  They led the attact on people /websites /organization supporting sopa namely Justice Department. the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).



the House Judiciary Committee decided to postpone the drafting of the bill. effectively killing it.  The internet would remain free of America’s online law enforcement for now.  Mass online celebrations occurred. celebrating the “death” of SOPA. . only 2 days after the worldwide blackout. On January 20th.

Guys to conclude this. SOPA also has advantages and disadvng Online Piracy websites. due to mass downloads from the same a lot of unofficial revenue is generated which is misused in terrorist activities. but a safer planet to exist in.. a positive and a negative. are illegal. like every coin has two faces. narcoterrorism etc. . So if SOPA act passes. torrents sites etc. yes friends we will surely have a dead virtual world.

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