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A subject sampler is as an interactive web activity that gives you a small number of web sites organized around a main topic. Its purpose is to interest and involve you in the subject matter presented, link prior knowledge to the course material, and provide a cognitive web. Developed by MET-CET

As a Project Manager or a Project Coordinator. Contract. Click on Introduction Subject Sampler to proceed Developed by MET CET . SOW. Welcome Task Process Home This subject sampler will help to know about four legal documents 1. Statement of Work (SOW) 4. Service Level Agreement (SLA) .Agreements. Agreements 2. SLA – Introduction Hello friends. it is important for you to be aware of the Legal Documents Introduction for smooth running of your project and/or business. Contract 3.

SOW. Developed by MET CET . eMBA. eMBA. you have a presentation to do later so need to perform the given task carefully. Contract. Click on Task to proceed IOM. Developed by MET IOM. SLA – Introduction During the project planning and execution there are certain legal aspects that need to be kept in mind: • What are the terms of agreement on with our clients? • Who will do what in the project? What are the responsibilities of an individual in the project? • What services will we provide to our customers? Welcome Introduction Task Process Home Your journey to understand the legal documents begins here! Remember.Agreements.

eMBA. You are part of one of the teams. 1 2 IOM.You need to make your project team aware about the legal documents. Developed by MET CET . eMBA. Ltd. . Developed by MET IOM. SOW. to provide IT services to a leading BPO. Welcome Introduction Task Process Home 4 small teams have been assigned the task of studying about the legal documents and explaining others the importance and other details about the same.Agreements. Contract. SLA – Introduction You are working on a project with Mistmeter Pvt.

Purpose 3. Developed by MET CET . Home All the Best!! Click on Process to proceed 1 2 IOM. prepare Presentation on the topic assigned to your group: a Welcome Your presentation must include: Introduction 1. Developed by MET IOM.Agreements. SOW. Essential Components Task 4. SLA – Introduction After going through this sampler. eMBA. Guidelines for preparing the same 5. Contract. Introduction (What it is?) 2. eMBA. Examples Process You will be given 10mins to present.

eMBA. •After your presentation in the class a viva would be conducted on questions and answers that you have individually documented. individually in a word • Make a presentation.s below to access the links and questions 1 2 3 4 IOM.Agreements. Developed by MET CET . • You may take down notes while you go through each site so as to develop your presentation in teams later based on the Outline (Click here to view the same). eMBA. Task Process Home • Your team will get 10 mins to present the same in the class. SOW. Click here to know about the Submission Click on the no. Contract. • At the beginning of the presentation submit the presentation and the documented answers in a CD. Developed by MET IOM. SLA – Introduction • Go through all the links Given in the Sampler Welcome Introduction •Document the answers to the questions document along with the questions.

How can agreements help to sort out problems regarding any miscommunications about service delivery to the clients? 2. What are the essential components of an agreement? Welcome Introduction Task Process Home 1 2 3 4 IOM. SLA – Introduction Agreements Links: Final\Resources\Collaborative Working Unit Questions: 1. Developed by MET CET .htm Booking Agreement http://www.reuters. eMBA. SOW.Joint Working Agreements National Council for Voluntary Organisations. Contract. Developed by MET CET ontract.state. http://www. eMBA. SOW.htm http://tutor2u. Search for an example of a business Questions: name and state the importance of each of the elements included in a contract. SLA – Introduction Contracts Welcome Introduction Links: Video http://www.html How important is the Mutuality of Obligation in an contract? What are the elements of Mutuality of Obligation to be kept in mind while drafting a contract? Task Process Home 1 2 3 4 IOM.pdf http://ezinearticles. http://www.html http://www.

Developed by MET CET . 1 2 3 4 After going through the Statement of Work for Instructional Support in the West Region.pdf http://www. Draft a sample SOW for the project that has been assigned to you. Concept Map Questions: Task Process Home 1.mickledesignwerks. in short describe the important elements included in the SOW and also give abstracts of the elements from the document.Agreements. Remember to read the Task again to know about the project. SOW.projectminds.quintessenz. Contract.pdf Statement of Work. SLA – Introduction SOW Welcome Introduction Links: http://www.pdf http://www.

html http://www. Evaluate the SLA measures using the following criteria: • Do they support the business objectives? • Are they specific? • Can they be measured? • Are they attainable.thehindu.ece Questions: Task Process Home 1. What is the Municipal Corporation of Delhi trying to do with implementation of the e-SLA? How it be helpful to the public and the system. Developed by MET CET . State the purpose for which Google is using 1 2 3 4 Contract. eMBA. SLA – Introduction SLA Welcome Introduction Links: http://technet. even if this requires significant effort on the part of IT? • Are they realistic in relation to the benefit they will bring to the business? 2. Define what are SLA’ http://it.Agreements. Do you think there is anything missing in the Google Apps SLA’s.php/Service_Legal_Agreement http://www.

SLA – Introduction Submission Welcome Introduction The presentation is to be done in your assigned teams. Document your answers and submit it in the form of a hard copy. Each team will be evaluated based on individual answers Each team will follow the procedure for the presentations and submitting their answers: 1.20 Marks Task Process Home 1 2 3 4 IOM.eBiz_C5_M1_answer_Roll no. Also burn a CD with your team presentation and the documents in it. eMBA.Agreements. Contract. Marks: The Answers document and Viva: 10 marks Presentation: 10 marks Total. Developed by MET CET . Write the topic name on the CD. 4. Name your document as. SOW. Take a look at the presentation guidelines (Click here to view the same) 2. After finding the answer to all of the questions each member of your team should be ready with a document to be submitted. 3.

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