Integrated Marketing Communication by SURF EXCEL

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Route 1
Awareness/ Familiarity with brand
Information regarding brand attribute or benefits

Consumer attitude

Creation of brand image/ personality

Association of feelings with brand Linkage of brand with peers/ experts & group trait

Purchase behavior

Ad Exposure

Surf Excel
•Launched in 1959 by HUL •Was positioned as a powder which “washes whitest”

•Market stagnation resulting to declining prices
•Repositioned in 2005 as a premium detergent powder •Ventured out new variants

•Tough stain removal
•Innovative advertisement approaches •Portrayed a caring image •Addressed social issues •Is the Market Leader

Awareness/ Familiarity with brand

Route 1

•Advertisements promoting ‘Dirt is good’-Emotional appeal • Countrywide live washing demonstrations

• Campaigning through different media tools Ad Exposure
•Use of vibrant colours •Catchy taglines Phir waqt hai khailney ka  Agar daag lagne se kuch achha hota hai,toh daag achhe hai  Kharay ko meetha banaye  Do bucket paani ab rozana hai bachana • Today, Surf is synonymous to washing powder

Information regarding brand attribute or benefits

Brand Attributes

• Solution to laundry problem
• Stains make world better • Claims to clean stains from most difficult areas

Ad Exposure

• Environmentally friendly

Brand Image
• Children play, get dirty, experience life, get stronger and ready for outside world • While Surf takes care of the stains • Surf consumes 50% less water for rinsing suited for drought prone areas • Wide product range from variants of regular powder to washing machine safe powder, a detergent bar etc • Top of the mind recall across all consumer segments • Strong Brand Portfolio

Ad Exposure

Creation of brand image/ personality

Ad Exposure

• Emotional connect with the target market segment Association of feelings with brand

• Dirt= Play= Experience= Learning
•Brand as a comrade

Ad Exposure

• Social activists promoted the product being environmental friendly • Advertisement featuring children Linkage of brand with peers/ experts & group trait

Overview of the product
Size Surf Excel Quick Wash Rs. 2 Rs. 36 Rs. 87 Rs. 60 Rs.125 Surf Excel Blue Rs. 2 Surf Excel matic (top load) Surf Excel Detergent Bar (100 gm) Rs.10 (250 gm) Rs.25

20 gm 200 gm 500 gm

1 kg

Rs. 169

Rs. 120

Rs. 240

• HUL has a market share of 36 % in detergent segment • Surf Excel- a major contributor • Surf Excel leads the Premium Fabric Wash Category in India • Famous worldwide- known as Omo in Brazil and Persil in UK and France

• Strong brand equity • TOM recall by mid sized market segment • Huge Brand Loyalty • Increase in the frequency of usage

• Effective R&D • Launched product extensions • Approached new markets

Route 2

Ad Exposure

Reminder or Heavy inducement about brand trial

Purchase Behaviour

If the experience is positive,it leads to brand attitude formation and hence repeat purchases

• Surf Excel – One of the finest advertisied product • Heavily influenced the attitude towards the brand • Resulted in positive brand attitude formation • Hence, increase in the Purchase Behaviour • Adopted a slow and steady approach and became the market leader

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