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Persuasive Communication


The term persuasions means to force someone into something. Here, persuasive communication means, persuading others to understand what you are trying to communicate in your way. Persuasive communication has one core purpose: get your readers to support, believe, and act in your favour.

Persuasion is a communicative process of altering the beliefs, attitudes and intentions or behaviour of another by the conscious and unconscious of words and non-verbal message Ilardo,1981

Because persuasive communication focuses on the other person, we need to have that other person firmly in our sights when we write or speak. In other words, communication will be most persuasive when we build the message 3 around the other person, rather than ourselves.

Organisation of persuasive messages

Two ways of organising Persuasive communication are: Direct Request Organisation Indirect Request Organisation For routine and more personal requests we can use the direct- request format. The reader is not kept up to a suspense. The direct- request (deductive) approach has three parts namely: 1. Main Idea_ Your request or question, statements and reasons. 2. Explanation_ Evidence & details needed for your reader to respond precisely. 4

Situations that are more complex, more difficult, and out of routine: takes a bit more of effort. In short, the favour you ask may inspire any objections. Thus, you will have to supply evidences and data to support your request. Therefore this becomes the non- routine persuasive communication with an indirect approach. The main parts of Indirect requests are: 1. Explanation_ Buffer opening 2. Main Idea_ Core of your request or concern 3. Courtesy Close_ Polite ending with a last request of action. The main reason in using indirect approach is that if a request is first stated directly at the beginning, it would be an unwanted or undesirable news to the 5 reader causing unfavourable reaction. Instead,

Persuasive letter of memorandums usually have four parts, often referred to as the AIDA formula for sales presentation: A-Attract the readers attention. I-Arouse the readers interest. D-Create desire and convince the reader. A-State clearly the action the reader needs to take.

Although attention, interest, desire and action are listed here as distinct steps, they are usually combined or blended smoothly into your persuasive message. We need not worry so much about the precise order; but to focus on giving 6

In fact the persuasive- request plan may also be referred to as the four Ps of persuasive communication: promise, picture, prove and push.

Attention: First Paragraph (Promise, start) Interest and desire: Middle Paragraph(Picture, chain)

Action: Last Paragraph(Push, Hook)


Attention: First Paragraph (Promise, start)

Begin in a way to gain the readers maximum attention. What is in there for me?_ make points close to the readers interests and needs Avoid speaking of yourself and your organisation. You can open a letter with the following attention heads : - Open with an agreeable comment or assertion - Open with a sincere compliment 8

Interest and desire: middle paragraph (picture, chain)

After gaining attention, the next step is, creating an interest and desire in the reader. Suggest what your projects, products/ services is and what will you do for them. Consider doing 2 things: - Describe the important characteristics_ important features, construction, appearance, performance, duty, etc. - Relate the value and benefits to the reader_ assurance of comfort, acceptance by others, convenience, extra earnings,9 etc.

Action: Last paragraph (push, hook)

After engaging the reader, arousing his interest and desire, the next step is to request action. Make the action clear, easy and dated, if necessary if a spontaneous action occurs, then the reader is given gifts and token of thanks. Thank them for accepting our offer.

Persuasive Strategy
Whether the audience is aware of your desire for adoption or not, the likelihood of resistance suggests a persuasive strategy. In this instance, it is suggests that the audience will likely resist your idea or concept. They may already have accepted competing ideas or concepts. In this case, the communication program must overcome this potential resistance. This means increasing the frequency of communication and using emotional appeals or persuasive arguments to overcome the resistance. This is the type of strategy used in advertising and public policy management.

Different types of persuasive written communication

Cicular letters Sales Letters News Letters Publication Materials Notices Advertisement Leaflets Invitations

Circulars are used to communicate a formal message to a large no: of persons like share holders, suppliers, business friend, employees, etc. It conveys the fundamental change in the structure and policy of an organisation. It circulates the same message to all the receivers. Therefore, it must be drafted carefully and appropriately in an attractive style, effective language, meaningful and catchy words and you attitude. This saves time & money, simultaneous access to different people residing at different localities. 13

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Sales Letters
Sales letters are a very selective form of advertising. They aim to sell a companys good or services, or they persuade readers to take up special offers. The main qualities of a sales letter must be arouse interest sound convincing create a desire encourage action

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