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Jaya Smruti Aditi Rohin Shailu

Business ethics play significant role in running global business. In order to do a good business, guideline and disciplines should be adhered to. Ugly behaviours such as sex discrimination, poor wages of employees and union issues. Fairness principle, dignity principle and transparency principle.

There are mainly eight principles of the global business standards which are fiduciary, property, reliability, transparency, dignity, fairness, citizenship and responsiveness respectively.

The Problems
Firstly, Wal-Mart has problems of sex discrimination which indicates that fairness principle performs practically no function in the HR management Secondly, the women employees who reported the unfair issues in Wal-Mart Company reveal that this company is lack the sense of dignity principles.

The Problems
Thirdly, As a successful retailer in the world, the transparency principle is very crucial to manage a business, but the reaction the Wal-Mart responded to the union show that they didn't care about the transparency principle, by which could bring the bad influence on other retailers.

Firstly, adoption of wrong kind of leading effects
present employees of Wal-Mart but also its potential staffs may be negatively affected by the sex discrimination in the company, which will decrease present women employees' working efficiency because they have lots of uncontested mood and cause them bad mood.

Secondly, due to wide spread news about discrimination, the company's reputation and trustfulness will be doubted by public. Thirdly, Wal-Mart is one of the famous retailers in the world, there are huge numbers of this kind of retailers in the world. This would affect their reputation as being associated to Walmart. Sex discrimination for cutting the wages could be affected on others. It will bring bad social phenomenon in human resource management.

employees should be treated fairly without any kind of discrimination in their treatments in salary and promotion opportunities No discrimination should be enforced to against any employees in terms of race, gender, disability and other aspects

We can conclude that the employment practices of Wal-Mart go against the ethic principles and violation of basic rights and it reflects some problems involving the human resource management for salary and position promotion.