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•More than 1000 models are there in market . Aviator. Regalia. Octane and WWF •The Titan portfolio has over 60% share in the domestic market •In 1984 the company was incorporated on 26th july at Chennai. • It has several popular brands in its fold including Heritage.About TITAN •Titan Industries is the world's fifth largest and India's leading manufacturer of watches.

Products • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Edge Raga Octane Zoop WWF Heritage Orion Nebula Sonata Exacta Titan Bandhan watches Spectra Dash Regalia Fastrack Royale Classique xylus .

– Fine tune all marketing inputs in terms of media and other budgets to meet territory specific needs. . – In terms of town coverage. – Plan and implement sales and marketing activities to achieve their targets. especially in non metros. dealer network and new approaches to communication strategy.Place • Objectives and intentions – Broad basing their sales and marketing activities across the country. – Identify performance targets with specific responsibility centres and improve cost effectiveness of it’s operations.

Titan Sonata) 3. Titan Exacta) 2. Promotional pricing • Application of pricing strategy 1. Market share (i. Survival (i. Lower segment 2. 1000 plus segment .e. Titan Nebula) 4.e. Market skimming (i. Product line pricing 3.TITAN PRICING • Pricing Objectives 1. Product quality • Pricing method 1. Mark-up pricing 2.e.

Distribution channels .

Public relation • • • • • • • • • Advertising media: Television Print Internet Titan brand ambassador: Titan Brand: Aamir Khan Sonata: Mahendra Singh Dhoni Raga: Gul Panag. Sales promotion 3. Rani Mukherjee Xylys: Rahul Bose Titan tagline: Be more Fast track tagline: How many you have? .PROMOTION:1. Advertising 2.

Public relation •Gift concept •Promotion On Occasions Sales promotion •Sponsorship •Seasonality •Promotion through Contests .

Factors affecting brand • Competitive factors • Technological factors • Social factor .

15 crore in the next two years towards a re-branding exercise for its brand of watches. retail strategy and advertising. . the watch maker is ‘reinventing’ its brand with new logo and tagline ‘Be More’. Currently. Titan is re-inventing the brand today through new designs.Titan re-inventing watches brand with new tagline Titan is planning to invest Rs.

Dash Decline: Aqura .Product life cycle Introduction : WWF. Octane Growth: Nebula. Raga. Royal. Insignia. Diva. Edge etc Maturity: Sonata. Fastrack. Regalia. Orion. Zoop.