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CS – Overview

Service Management Spare Parts Management Enterprise Asset Management IT Service and Asset Management

Service Sales and Marketing

Service Parts Planning

Investment Planning & Design

IT Procurement

Service Contract Management

Service Parts Procurement

Procurement and Construction

IT Asset Management

Customer Service and Support

Service Parts Warehousing

Maintenance & Operation

IT Service Management

Installed Base Management

Service Parts Fulfillment

Decommissioning And Disposal

IT Financial Management

Warranty Claim Management

Service Parts Transportation

Asset Analytics

IT Service Analytics

Field Service

Service Parts Analytics

Depot Repair

Service Management And Analytics

CS – Enterprise Structure Maintenance Plant Planning Plant Plant Section Planner Group Functional Location Execute Services on Tech. Objects (Task List) Work Center Equipment Sub-Equipment Sub-Assembly Spares .

•MM . It uses the Customer Master Data for the Customer Billing.Asset Accounting .managing serviceable items as tangible assets •CO – Cost element as cost collector.Services Management for information on service records It uses the Plant & Storage location Functionality for keeping Exact stocks of the Spares & Accessories. It can be used to distinguish Planned & Actual Material Costs & Service Costs to get exact Profitability.Sales. Sales Order Processing for information on managing and billing sales orders and service contracts. •PS . It also uses Purchase functionality to Buy Materials from manufacturer •SD . It uses the Pricing Condition for the Sale of Accessories & Services.Structuring Technical Systems for information on structuring and managing technical objects information on maintenance notification and maintenance order functionality.Integration •PM .Project System for information on using projects . •FI-AA .

CS – Master data & Technical Objects • Functional Location • Equipment • Installed base • Serial Number • Material • Bill Of Material .

CS – Service Notification Processing Notification Sales Order Delivery Billing Customer contacts Notification Entry Notification processing Service Order Process Service Order Complete Service order Workstation .

CS – Service Order Processing Service Order External Service Provider Company Customer Outsourcing Agreements Service Contracts & Sales Orders Service Order Service Purchase Orders Internal Service Service Notification Internal . External Services Service Purchase Orders Billing Document Cost Revenues Completion Confirmation .

.CS – Service Planning Capacity requirements planning supports you in the detailed resource planning of technicians in Customer Service.

Repair Order Repair order dash board Service Order reference Service Booking Operation and Component .

CS – Service Contract Management • • • • • AMCs: Annual Maintenance Contract once the warranty gets over – Comprehensive Non – Comprehensive AMC : Only certain parts are covered under the contract Only Parts Covered Only Labor Covered A fixed # of free PM Services .

Annual Maintenance Contracts are also created for Corporate Clients with Proper Servicing Schedules for the technical object. . After Sales Service – Services provided after the Warranty period is surpassed or Warranty voids. Retro fitment Services – provided for a particular defect in some Lot of vehicles. Types of Warranty • • • • Warranty & Free Services – Free Services provided against Warranty to Customer.CS – Warranty Processing • • The warranty check can be performed automatically by the system when processing customer notifications and billing requests The Customer Service component provides the following types of warranty: • Time-bound warranties • Counter-dependent warranties • Warranties that are valid for periods of time and counter intervals.

CS – Service Scenarios • External Procurement Services • Depot Repair • Service Contract with Periodic Billing • Service with Time & Material based Billing • Service with Fix Priced Billing .

Depot Repair .

Service Contract with Periodic Billing .

Service with Time & Material Based Billing .

Service with Fixed Price Billing .

• . • flexible information sources including Internet/Intranet access.g. various file formats and the business objects defined in R/3.. • free-text descriptions as well as structured knowledge representation. • attribute search (e. code group and codes) as well as case-based search.CS – Solution Data Base • The R/3 Solution Database (SDB) applications offers customer service organizations a knowledge base component which provides a highly flexible structure to preserve and acquire knowledge SDB enables the following functionality that does not exist in the current R/3’s database search • exact search as well as the fuzzy search.

CS – Information System • • • • • • MCIA : MCJB: MCJC: MCI1 : MCI2 : MCI3 : Notification analysis MTBR/MTTR analysis for an Equipment MTBR/MTTR analysis for a Functional Location Object Class Analysis Manufacturer Analysis Location Analysis • • • • MCI4 : MCI5 : MCI6 : MCI7 : Planner group Analysis Damage Analysis Object Statistics Breakdown Analysis • MCI8 : Cost Analysis .