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Latest Trends of E-commerce in india

Made by – Garima Rajput Sonali Talwar Neha Aggarwal

e-commerce represents the cutting edge of success in this digital age. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and pertains to trading in goods and services through the electronic medium, i.e. the Internet or phone. On the Internet, it pertains to a website, which sells products or services directly from the site using a shopping cart or shopping basket system and allows credit card payments.

. Electronic commerce involves buying and selling of goods and services over the World Wide Web. In simple words.It involves conducting business with the help of the electronic media. Customers can purchase anything right from a car or a cake sitting comfortably in his room and gift it to someone sitting miles apart just by click of a mouse. making use of the information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

5 18 TOTAL(Mn) 70.Current status of the indian Ecommerce market YEAR 2009 2011 URBAN(Mn) 64 82 RURAL(Mn) 6.5 100 .

This momentum is expected to hold up and by september is expected that there will be 112 Mn claimed internet users. there has been a growth of around 15%.As of March 2011.there are 100 Mn claimed internet users as compared to March 2009 when there were nearly 71 Mn claimed internet users . .

Cont… 302 Mn Urban population 114 Mn Total computer Literate Year(2011) March June September Active internet users(Mn) 65 67 70 Claimed internet users(Mn) 82 85 88 .

Number of people who have ever used internet and PC literates have also rised to 82 Mn and 114 Mn respectively.we have 88 Mn claimed internet users and 70 Mn active users.India has witnessed an 18% rise in active internet users among urban cities.By the september. .Cont… • In march 2011. amounting to 65 Mn across in country.

We are going to witness this trajectory and an Indian Amazon story which will see a “Mother of all battles” among various Ecommerce players. .Latest investment stories… • Companies such as Flipkart are being valued at USD 1 billion and Amazon finally going to make inroads in the indian Ecommerce market.

the current Ecommerce market is skewed towards travel based transactions.On the products front. 81 % : Travel transactions 6 % : Product Purchase .

The promising future of Ecommerce in India : • India is poise to be one of the top e-commerce hubs in the near future as the number of internet users’ boom. .which has almost two thirds of its sales coming from television shopping model says that there shares are increasing as more and more indians making piurchases online. • A major online retailer.Homeshop18.

• Change in the purchase behaviour of the customers.Reasons for this growth : • Continuing niche and generalized websites that are being introduced over the internet. • Level of comfort of customers. .

DD/cheque.Currently used formats are : cash on delivery(COD).Credit cards.Some of the Ecommerce buzz words that will come up in near future are: • Evolved Payment options. • Group buying/Couponing • Customer Experience .Net banking. --. • Rural Ecommerce. Ecommerce models prevalent in India : • Online market place Auction style transaction : • Direct-to-customer Direct retail : • Click and mortar model : futurebazaar.archiesonline.

Cont… • Group buying : snapdeal. • Pure play E-tailing :

.The 4Ds of Ecommerce : 1.buyers or prospects were predisposed to the fact that they prefer not shopping over internet. Disposition(Risk/convenience)  Till recently .  Further. the general feeling of untrustworthiness clouded the willingness to make an online transaction.

Cont… Now users tend to balance between risk and convenience. .There are two catagories : • High convenience and high risk : e.g-organic food.laptops etc. • Low risk and low convenience : e.g-DSLR cameras.

2. Delivery ( Distribution) The users buy a product on a promise made by the provider of their arranging for delivery. . Delivery could affect the decision of buying the product over the internet.

. The popularity of websites offering local discount deals has been apparent. Discount(Deals) The primary motive of buying a product over the internet instead from the traditional channels is the discounted price at which it could be purchased.3.lately.

it is very likely they would recommmend it to others or participate in online forums (discourse). Delight & Discourse : The satisfaction with the product(delight)is the main indicator of the loyality towards a medium of purchase. If the customer is delighted with the purchase.4. .

Challenges : • • • • • • • User Side Problems : Lack of trust Security concerns Fulfillment issues Shopping experience Lack of touch & feel Government guidelines .

.Supplier side challenges : • Logistics and Sourcing. • Retail Margin.

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