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health and safety norms and in employee welfare and relations .Vision To be a World Class Energy Company known for caring and delighting the customers with high quality products and innovative services across domestic and international markets with aggressive growth and delivering superior financial performance. The Company will be a model of excellence in meeting social commitment. environment.

Decrease the sales orders on credit. Set quarterly targets 2.Strategic Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives 1.02 Re per litre generated . Increase in presence Increasing frequency of inspection on Storage tanks 1 Meeting annual production thruput Thruput 15 MMTPA 2 Increase Revenues Sales Growth YoY Increase of sales by 25% 3 Stockloss Vapour loss Zero Stockloss 4 Increase in cash flow Day Sales Outsanding Reduction by 10 days 1. Decreasing the payable period 1. 2. Energy saving Initiatives 2. Improvement in Marketing Efforts 2. Review target completion on a quarterly basis 1. Increased employee productivity 5 Reduction in Costs Productivity Reduction of cost by 0.

Better employee welfare Decreasing Employyee Attrition 5% decrease wrt FY 2010. Implement Add additional capacity to existing refineries Setting up new plants or increasing the existing 20 MMTPA by 2015 capacity % completion of yearly targets Prompt completion of Expansion 60% completion by 5 and % of overall project projects (on-going) March-2013 completed 4 Increasing the overall capacity Evaluation of projects department performance at regular intervals 1. Reduction of Cycle time Robust Planning. Increase in Safety Officers 2. Review the existing Productivity to improve production design to by 5% identify potential improvement 2. Improve employee satisfaction levels . Nil accidents or near miss Initiatives 1.schemes 6 % decrease wrt previous year rate 11 2. yield 3 Design improvement & Productivity Engineering Efficiency 1. 100 % compliance wrt OHSAS & ISO 14001 guidelines 2. Increasing yield performance using ERP data by 10% 1. Improving by 5% 2. Regular Safety audits 1 Safety at production sites Safety Incident Index 2 Manufacturing Excellence Cycle time.Strategic Objectives Measures Targets 1. Regular Inspection of Fire Extinguishing equipment 3.

Promt Reply 2. New customer acquisition rate 2. Convenience in access acquisition by 4% Increase in Retention rate by 1-2% . Customer Retention Rate Increase in New customer 2. Better services 1. Value added services 2 Customer Delight Customer Ranking Survey 3 Customer acqusition & Retention 1.Strategic Objectives 1 Delivery Improvement / Responsive Supply Measures Delivery feedback by customer Targets Initiatives Improvement in Customer Improvement in Delivery Satisfaction Index by 10% logistics Improvement in ranking by 2 positions Increase market share by 2% 1.

Assess and provide relevant training 3. Improve bottom up communication 2. Continually assess the the training sessions effectiveness of training sessions . Mentorship for new recruits 1 Employee satisfaction Employee feedback survey Get an overall score of 8 on a scale of 10 2 Informational capital improvement Knowledge and skill improvement 1.Strategic Objectives Measures Targets Initiatives 1. Improve peer to Employees to go through communication and clear at least 70% of 2.