The Holocaust

By: Taylor Rivera

Hitler Before The Holocaust
• • Hitler was born in Austria across the border from German Bavaria. He became racist at an early age when his father would read him books about the indians being slaughtered. He didn’t get along with his father. His father wanted him to succeed in politics and Hilter wanted to be an artist. Hitler’s hatred for the Jews began when they started to sell their artwork and Hitler couldn’t. Little did they know.. He was going to get revenge soon.

• • • •

Hitler Goes To Prison
• On November 11, 1923, Hitler and 3000 of his men marched to Berlin to attempt to take it over. Shooting broke out between Hitler’s men and the police who were there waiting for them. Sixteen Nazi’s and three policemen were killed. Hilter went to prison. He was sentenced for 5 years. While he was there he wrote his book, Mein Kamp.

• • •

The Holocaust Begins
• The Holocaust officially began in 1933, when Hilter and the Nazis came to political power in Germany. • It lasted until 1945, when Germany accepted military defeat at the hands of the Allies. • During that time, the Nazis committed slaughters unique in the history of the world. • Millions of people died in the concentration camps because of starvation, overcrowding, disease, exposure to cold, and the brutality of the Germans.

The Final Solution
• The final solution started in the summer of 1941 and was believed to create an end to the Jews. • Hitler believed his race was pure which is why he tried forcing Jewish immigration. • But since no country would take the Jews, Hitler sent SS units town to town to track down the Jews. • Some were killed right on the spot, but most were sent to concentration camps.

Resistance Against The Nazis
• For many people, resistance was a struggle for physical existence. • Some escaped through legal or illegal immigration. • Resistance was very risky. • It was clear that the ones who rebelled did not have a real chance to stop the Nazis. • Spiritual resistance also helped with the sense of dignity and heritage for the Jews in the camps.

The Third Reich
• The Third Reich collapsed in May 1945. • The Nazi legacy was a vast empire of murder, pillage, and exploitation that had affected every country Europe. • The pre-war Jewish population was 9,793,700. • The number of estimated Jews that were murdered is 5,709,329. • That’s only the Jewish population..

Life After The Holocaust
• Hundreds of thousands of people were homeless and seeking a new life. • These people were known as “displaced persons.” • Jews did not want to return to their homes, fearing economic and social consequences, or even total destruction. • Some were murdered when they tried to return. • Many countries refused to let the survivors enter.

Hitler Ends It
• On the night of April 29th, Hitler received news that Berlin would receive no more troops and that the city would be lost to the Russians. • Hitler knew that people were after him. • Mussolini and Pettachi had been executed publicly. • Hitler decided that such humiliation would not happen to him. • In conclusion, Hitler killed both his self and his wife, Eva Braun, before the units could get to him.

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