• It is situated in Europe. • Its market value is m$ 2560491.1. • Its total share turnover is m$ 2321518.5

.Nyse • It is situated in USA. • Its total share turnover is m$12158620. • Its market value is m$ 10842001.9.

• Its total share turnover is m$ 970227.Honkong stock exchange • It is situated in Singapore. .6. • Its market value is m$ 1945517.7.

Bhubaneshwar stock exchange. 11. Banglore stock exchange. Coimbatore stock exchange. 9. 3. . 2.STOCK EXCHANGES IN INDIA • 1. Hyderabad stock exchange. Ahmedabad stock exchange. Guwahati stock exchange. 4. 8. There are 23 stock exchanges in India. Delhi stock exchange. National stock exchange. 5. 7. 6. 10. Cochin stock exchange. Bombay stock exchange. Calcutta stock exchange.

Founded1875.4700.US $ 1. India.1 trillion(aug 2009) IndexesBSE Sensex. Market capital. Number of listing companies. . CEOMadhu kannan.Bse • • • • • • • LocationMumbai. OwnerBombay stock exchange Ltd.

• It is located at Dalal street. also called “BSE 30” is widely used marketing index in India and Asia.Bse • It is the oldest stock exchange in Asia and has the greatest number of listed companies in the world with 4700 listed as of august.2007. Mumbai. • The BSE Sensex. . the equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the BSE was US $1. India.79 trillion making the largest stock exchanges in south Asia and 12 largest in the world. • On Dec-31 2007.

• The system and processes are designed to safeguard market integrity and enhance transparency in operations. • BSE provides an efficient and transparent market for trading in equity.• BSE is the first stock exchange in the country which obtained permanent recognition( in 1956) from the Govt. • BSE is the first exchange in India and second in the World to obtain an ISO 9001-2000 certification. • BSE has always been at par with the internationals standards. debt instruments and derivatives. • BSE has become the first national level stock exchange to launch its website in Gujrati and Hindi to reach out to a larger number of investors . of India under the securities contract act 1956.

LISTED COMPANIES – 1016 TRADING MEMBERS – 726 OWNER – Owned by the group of leading financial institutions.National stock exchange • • • • LOCATION .India.NIFTY .Mumbai. • INDEXES .

the ownership as well as the management does not have right to trade on exchange.FEATURES OF NSE • NSE is owned by the group of leading financial institutions such as Indian Bank or Life Insurance Corporation of India. Only qualified traders can be involved in the securities trading . • NSE in the totality de-mutualised exchange.

• NSE of India Ltd. • The advance technologies enable up to 6 million traders to be operated daily on the NSE trading platform. Provides its clients with a single.fully electronic trading platform that is operated through a V-SAT network. • NSE uses the satellite communication system that connects traders from 345 Indian cities. .• NSE is one of the few exchanges in the world trading all types of securities on the single platform.

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