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Environmental policy 2005

They address the environmental issues facing Pakistan

like Pollution of fresh water Air pollution Lack of proper waste management
It also gives directions for addressing X-sectoral issues as

well as the under lying causes of environmental degradation and meeting international obligations.

Act No xxxiv of 1997

This act shall be called EPA 1997.

It extends to the whol e of Pakistan.

It shall come into force at once. Secondly various definitions have been specified

like wastes, pollutants, pollution etc.

EFFLUENT means Anything in any state of matter discharged

from any source and includes a slurry, suspension or vapor.

EPA 1997
EMMISSION STANDARDS means the permissible

standards established by federal agency or provincial agency EIA means collection of data, prediction of qualitative and quantitative impacts, comparison of alternatives, evaluation of preventives, mitigratory and compensatory measures, monitoring arrangements and framing recommendations. Environmental magistrate means the magistrate of the 1st class appointed under section 24.

EPA 1997
The federal govt by notification should establish an

environmental protection council. Chairman/chairperson Prime minister of pakistan or his representative. Vice chairman incharge of the ministry dealing with the subject. Members ministers of provinces and such other persons apointed by federal govt not more than 35 years including 20 from chamber of commerce and industry and industrial associations

EPA 1997
One or more representative of chamber of

agriculture Medical and legal professions, trade unions, NGOs concerned, scientists, technical experts and educationists. Member secretary secretary to the govt of Pakistan dealing with the subject of environment.
They are appointed for 2 years duration.

EPA 1997
RESPOSIBILITIES The council shall frame its own rules of procedure. The council shall hold at least 2 meetings per year. The council may constitute committees of its members. The council or its committee may invite any technical

expert from govt or non govt organization for assistance.

EPA 1997
FUNCTIONS Enforcement of this act. Approval and implementation of national enviromental

policies. Approval of NEQS. Consider the national environmental report and give proper directions. The council may direct any agency to prepare, submit, promote and implement projects for the protection rehabilitation and improvement of enviroment.

EPA 1997
ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Headed by director general, appointed by federal govt

under certain terms. Shall have administrative, technical and legal staff as specified by the govt. Power and functions exercised by DG. DG is authorized over the rest of the staff as mentioned in sec-3. Assisted by advisory committees from every sector having people from educational and research institutes and NGOs.

EPA 1997
RESPONSIBILITIES Administer and implement this act. Prepare and submit policies in consultation with

concerned agencies to the council. Work for implementation of approved policies. Prepare and publish national enviromental report on atate of enviroment. Revise NEQS when required with the approval of council. Enforcement of these NEQS.

EPA 1997
Inquiries and investigations of issues.

Take initiatives in working with foreign experts, arranging

seminars and meetings, exchanging relevent material and information. Recommendation to federal govt for achieving goals.

Leas, purchase, own, hold, improve and deal with any

property. Sell, convey, pledge, dispose its properties and assets.

EPA 1997
Fixing rates and prices for any facility provided

Contracts, executes and every thing necessary for proper

management and conduct of its duties. Hiring experts, advisers and consultants. Summon and enforce of attendance of any person and order him for supplying any information or document. Enter and inspect search any place being reported of any offence of the act. Collecting sample from effluents, products and materials and analyzing that in the certified lab. Confiscation of any article in the absence of the offender.

EPA 1997
PROVINCIAL AGENCIES Perform the same duties and exercise the same powers

as by federal agencies.
Director General


EPA 1997
Violation of section 11, 12, 13, or 16 will lead to fine of up

to one million rupees if persists then one hundred thousand per each day.
For section 14 and 15 fine up to 100, 000 rupees if

persists same will be charged each day.

For further information study the document completely.