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Mobile Apps for Beginners

By Tomas Martūnas


• Macro level - mobile apps in the world and Lithuania • Applications and mobile devices shares • Mobile application creation process • About App Camp

What do people do with their smartphones and feature phones?

What is happening in the world?
• In 2011 1,5 Billlion mobile phones were sold worldwide, from which 27% were
smartphones. In 2012 - 40% are smartphones. • In 2011 sales of mobile devices surpassed sales of PC‘s and notebooks. In 2016 there will be 3 times more mobile devices sold than PC‘s and notebooks. • Mobile applications market value in 2011 was ~$9 billion and growing at 100% yearly rate. In 2013 mobile application sales will surpas that of the music industry.

The biggest group of mobile data users are aged from 18 to 45 years.

• In 2016, consumption of mobile data will increase 10 times;

The most of mobile data are used by users at age of 18 – 45.

Source: Nielsen’s research

Increase of smart devices and app usage in Lithuania (2012 - 2013). It is happening now!
Numbers of smartphones in Lithuania is rising rapidly • 2011 4Q – 405.000 total users; • 2012 4Q – 840.000 total users; • 2013 4Q – to 1.640.000 total users. Therfore, smart equipment as a main tool for app usage is already in customers hands. App usage in Lithuania is increasing at enormous speeds: •2011 4Q - 113.400; •2012 4Q - 420.000; • 2013 4Q to ~1M. (18-75 age category). So, the habit of app using is already formed.

Source: Nielsen‘s 2012'Q2, GfK research 2012m. August, Omnitel information and App Camp forecast.

Life is changing

It will change even more…
Worldwide Smartphone Operating System 2012 and 2016 Market Share and 2012-2016 Compound Annual Growth Rate
Smartphone OS Android Windows Phone 7 / Windows Mobile iOS BlackBerry OS Others Total 2012 Market Share 61.0% 5.2% 20.5% 6.0% 7.2% 100.0% 2016 Market Share 52.9% 19.2% 19.0% 5.9% 3.0% 100.0% 2012 – 2016 CAGR 9.5% 46.2% 10.9% 12.1% -5.4% 12.7%

probably new rising star!
Source: IDC 2012'Q2, Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report. June, 2012.

What is mobile app?
Mobile application (app) – software that has to be downloaded and installed. It allows smartphone users to execute particular actions such as searching for information, ordering and/or purchasing goods or services.

Mobile application takes advantage of smartphones’ capabilities – camera, touchscreen, visuals, sound, accelerometer, geo-location, also – connect and transfer data through internet or other connectivity devices.
Just in one click users can: buy, recommend, express opinion, order, find you, get in touch...

Who should participate in the creation of mobile app?
1. Idea Author
(Idea generation is a very hard work! )

5. Marketing and Sales
(Pricing, marketing plan, marketing actions)

2. Designer / UX
(Making perfect usability)


4. Testing
(Application specification, testing)

3. Developer

Hacker + Hustler + Designer

Process of app development

A good technical decision is not everything what it takes to create a good mobile application…




Make sure your mobile app has all these ingridients!

And also… Don’t forget to put the user’s glasses from time to time and feel what the customer feels!

We recommend to use our checklist before starting developing a mobile application
• • • • Who is my target app user? What problem my application solves? Is my application being used frequently? How my application differentiates from competitors? • Am I good designer? • Do I know how I will promote my application once it is submitted in the market?

Programming tools?

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