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Surabaya - Osaka


Group 4

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Ilyas Chaidir Rahmansyah
Birth Date Birth Place Email Hobby : April 11th 1998 : Surabaya : : Reading, sleep


Dini Nur Farida Putri
Birth Date : March 11th 1998  Birth Place : Trenggalek  Email  Hobby : Singing, cooking, listening music.


Gigih Bagas Wicaksono
Birth Date : August 7th 1997  Birth Place : Surabaya  Email :  Hobby : Badminton


Birth Date  Birth Place  Email  Hobby

: September 7th 1997 : Surabaya : : Sketching, reading, eating.


Cheng Ho Mosque

Mosque of Cheng Hoo built in PITI complex, at Jl Gading Surabaya. Like Chinnese building typically, red and yellow gold dominate the colour. But that way, this mosque open to all Moslem activity. The Mosque form reference is Mosque of Niu Jie in Beijing built in the 996. Name of mosque, Muhammad Cheng Hoo, inspired from name of Cheng Hoo, war lord who later become the Islam spreader mission to Indonesia.

As a Whole, Mosque of Muhammad Cheng Hoo has 231 square metres wide (11 metre X 21 metre) and able to accomodate about 200 jamaah. The core building is 99 square metres wide (11 metre X 9 metre). On top of the buildingm there are eight side. Number 8, 9 and 11 have circumstantial meaning. Number 11 is size measure of Ka'bah while first time developed. Number 9 representing Wali Songo amount who spread Islam in Java. While number 8 representing device of Pat Kwa which which is in Chinnese culture mean the luck or feather in one's cap

Mosque's nameplate written down in Mandarin was written directly by Ambassador of Chinese People Republic for Indonesia, Lu Shu Ming. The Article have a meaning that the Cheng Hoo Jing Chen She which is in Indonesian means the Mosque of Cheng Hoo.

Post Script:
We went there together, but Bagas and Ilyas went there by motorcycle. How sad, Dini and Vira had to go there on foot -__ Anyway, here are some photos!

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