chocolate ice-cream and so on any time . But. they never loose any opportunity to have ice-creams such as fresh fruit ice-cream.WHY ONLY ICE CREAM? Everyone loves ice-creams and prefer to enjoy them in all seasons. The ice-cream lovers believe that it is something that make their minds fresh and cool in hot days and therefore. in the summer season. the demand of different flavors of ice creams is increased to a great level. dry fruit ice-cream.

INTRODUCTION ♦ Mr. .Raghunand a young entrepreneur with a passion for a quality came up with the vision for creating a finest ice cream. Thus the brand natural was his traditional natural ice cream kulfi+fruit. ♦ He added silvers of whichever fruit the customer asked for .

m everyday.BUSINESS DESCRIPTION ♦ An upscale business selling healthy and premium ice cream. ♦ Our outlet will provide service from 11 a. .m to 12 p.

VISION ♦ It will grow into demanding ice cream. ♦ The vision trigger will emphasis the premium quality of its products. .

• To provide them with the highest quality with affordable ranges .MISSION • It’s mission is to be the first choice for the ice cream lovers and to create top position.

VALUES ♦ Excellence ♦ Integrity ♦ Passion ♦ Teamwork ♦ Commitment .

OUR OUTLET OBJECTIVE ♦ The strategic objective of our outlet is to achieve prominence by earning faith and trust of customers . • Customer should be able to differentiate NATURAL ICE CREAM from other competitors in terms of : • Service and product quality • Dedication and variety .

guava etc. watermelon . ♦ Seasonal fruits like mango .choconuts etc. anjeer . ♦ Dry fruits ice cream like apricot .VAREITY ♦ Wide range of ice creams. kajukismis . .sitaphal. kesar nuts etc ♦ Chocolate ice creams like dark chocolate.

banks and snacks centers which make it to a good point . coaching classes. .LOCATION ♦ We have selected Dhamankar naka as our location.colleges.because it is the center place which is surrounded by consisting of 200sq.ft.

1000000 ♦ Total partners investment Rs. ♦ Borrowed capital (loan from Saraswat cooperative bank) Rs.3000000. 600000 ♦ All the five partners will be equal in profit sharing ratio.CAPITAL INVESTMENT ♦ Total capital investment required Rs. .3000000 ♦ Each partners capital Rs.

2000 ♦ Shop licence Rs.10000 ♦ Frenchise deposit Rs.LEGAL ASPECTS FOR SHOP ♦ Traffic licence Rs.10-15 lakhs .2000 ♦ Food licence Rs.4000 ♦ Fire brigade licence Rs.

000 3.000 4.000 2.00.START UP EXPENSES Particulars Rent shop Shop license fee stationery Air condition furniture Interior design Computer system Refrigerator Employee salary Music system Total Amount 35.0000 .000 1.000 1.00.000 2.00.000 5.000 30.000 1.

ORGANISATION AND EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Grade/ Employment Partners Manager Employees Guard Cleaner No.of person 5 1 5 1 2 .

kajukismis . sitaphal. anjeer . . watermelon.choconuts etc. ♦ Dry fruits ice cream like apricot.FLAVOURS ♦ Wide range of ice creams. ♦ Seasonal fruits like mango. kesar nuts etc ♦ Chocolate ice creams like dark chocolate. guava etc.

SEGMENTATION ♦ Children. Teenagers . . ♦ Upper middle to Upper class.

– Quality walls. – Baskin Robbins.TOUGH COMPETITORS ♦ Differentiated brand . – Vadilal. ♦ Tough competitors are – Amul. .

. ♦ Quick service .COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES ♦ High quality ice creams & chocolates . ♦ Wide range of variety.

.RISK FACTORS AND MINIMISATIO OF THE FACTORS ♦ Customer acceptance. ♦ Few promotional activities .

SWOT ANALYSIS ♦ STRENGTHS – – – – Less fixed cost required Tasty with health No side effects Useful for health consious people ♦ WEAKNESS – Slightly high in price due to use of fresh fruits .

(cont. . ♦ THREATS – Lot of competition from existing ice cream parlours.) ♦ OPPORTUNITIES – Introduction of new flavours easy in acheveing break even point .

30-300. .PRICE ♦ The ice cream price starts from Rs. ♦ Price will vary on the extra addition of the scoop.

♦ Happening ambience.SERVICE ♦ Friendly service. . ♦ Special storage boxes for trips and parties .

♦ Our outlet is targeting to spend 5% of their total sales for promotion every year. ♦ We are planning to give special offers during special events . ♦ Newspapers.PROMOTION ♦ A grand opening will be held ♦ T-shirts. and other clothing bearing the stores logo and the phrase wore by store employees. to create awareness among the target customers.

We work hard to create fair salary. ♦ We will definitely do it in future .SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ♦ We treat our employees with respect. ♦ At this point we are not doing any kind of charity or help because we are starting a new business and no profit yet.employees mental satisfaction. ♦ Of course we love to support non-profit organization.

management expertise. and financial analysis support this conclusion. marketing analysis. We promise that we will make the experience exciting and memorable. so grab. All of the critical factors such as industry trends. competitive analysis. bite & lick !!! .CONCLUSION ♦ This business plan has documented that the establishment of the ice-cream parlor is feasible.

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