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In this research we have survey the product performance and buying behavior of the fragrance of perfumes, which are used by people of all ages. During this research we have interacted with people of all ages who use perfume. After this research we came to know how people perceives these products on the variables like price, fragrance, advertisement, satisfaction, packaging, brand loyalty etc. We also came to know which particular brand of perfume is most preferred by people of different age groups. In this research we have surveyed that how frequently and how much perfume they use, whether they buy small, big or family pack. Trend of ongoing changes in their likings has been shown in the report. In this report we have tried to explain the entire research and facts product wise.

Objective of the study

This project is based on user behavior towards Perfumes. Objectives of the study are: 1The other objective is to know about the customer satisfaction associated with the product and the customer preference level. 2To increase customer satisfaction and recapture the market share by fulfilling the customer needs. 3To study the factors affecting the consumption pattern.

Primary data: To analyze buying behavior and in order to gain insight into the buyer need satisfaction level a questionnaire was formulated and administered among 50 people in Sagar City , Most of the questions is based on likert scale. Questionnaire was attached in annexure. Secondary data: A number of secondary information was used they were: Web sites: Scribd, Wikipedia and other brands websites. Search of two previous research papers these two research paper were attached in the annexure.


Steps in Setting Price: Following are the steps in setting price for a product: 1. Selecting the pricing objectives; 2. Determining the consumers' demand; 3. estimating costs; 4. Analysing the competitors' costs, prices and offers; 5. Selecting a pricing method; and 6. Selecting the final price.


According to this graph 50% respondents were between age group 16 20, 44% respondents between 21 25.


After doing the research on user buying behavior towards Perfume. We want to give some recommendations and suggestions. Dairy milk is most preferred by the user that becomes the strength of Cadbury brands amongst user but not the other sub-brands like silk. For promoting the silk the Cadbury have to use various promotional tools to generate awareness amongst the customer. Distribution channel should have to be effective to make available at every retail store so that user can easily purchases.

Web sites: Scibd Wikipedia Brands of perfume (LEE, AXE, NIKE) Books: Book of Research methodology Kothari C.R. Reference: Prof. Shweta Jain.