Self awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.

You are able to make:  Changes in the thoughts  Changes in interpretations  Changes in emotions.

Self awareness is the first step :  In creating what you want  Where you focus  Your emotions  Reactions  Personality  Where you go in life.

Key areas for self-awareness include :  our personality traits  personal values  Habits  Emotions, and  the psychological needs that drive our behaviors.

An understanding of our personalities can help us find situations in which we will succeed, and help us avoid situations in which we will experience too much stress.

We all should know and focus on our personal values. Like, being there for your children.

A variety of psychological needs that drive our behaviors are :  Power  Achievement  Recognition  Affiliation  security  Order

Thinking Style




Securi -ty Affiliating Style Affiliat -ion

Achiev ement Expressing

Recog -nition


Understanding your own feelings, what causes them, and how they impact your thoughts and actions is emotional selfawareness.

Relationships are easy until there is emotional turmoil.  Change the interpretation of what you think.  Change your emotions.  Shift the emotional quality of your relationships.



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Skill development. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Stress. Motivation Leadership.

Having an accurate sense of who you are helps you decide what you should do to improve.

Self-awareness helps you develop your strengths and cope with your weaknesses.

Jobs that don't suit your personality tend to give you more stress than jobs that are more compatible.

Self-awareness is empowering. It indicates what can be done to improve performance.

Self awareness leads us towards leadership.

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Ask somebody Questionnaires Seek professional help

If you have open, trusting relationships with the people who know you, you can ask them for feedback about your personality, habits, needs and values.

Ask people to fill out a questionnaires of your personality, values, needs, or habits as they perceive them.

Professional counselors and executive coaches can be a great source of feedback. rLetter/selfawareness.htm

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