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The process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, and with appropriate qualifications, and encouraging them to apply for jobs with an organization

Internet Recruiting
Gone from hot, but unproven, approach to integral, measurable part of recruiters toolbox

Alternatives to Recruitment
Outsourcing Contingent Workers Professional Employer Organizations (Employee Leasing) Overtime

External Environment of Recruitment

Labor Market Conditions Legal Considerations Corporate Image

Internal Environment of Recruitment

Human Resource Planning Promotion Policies Firms Knowledge of Employees Nepotism

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS External Environment Internal Environment

Human Resource Planning

Alternatives to Recruitment
Human Resource Planning

Internal Sources

External Sources

Internal Methods

External Sources

Recruited Individuals

Recruitment Sources and Methods

Recruitment sources: Place where qualified individuals are found Recruitment methods: Means by which potential employees can be attracted to the firm

Methods Used in Internal Recruiting

Job Posting Job Bidding Employee Referrals

Internal recruiting
Less costly Employees are already familiar with company Can boost employee morale

Lack of new blood Departments can raid other departments for best employees


External Recruitment Sources

Needs requiring external recruitment: Fill entry-level jobs Acquire skills not possessed by current employees Obtain employees with different backgrounds to provide a diversity of ideas


External Recruitment Sources

High Schools and Vocational Schools Community Colleges Colleges and Universities Competitors and Other Firms Unemployed Older Individuals Military Personnel Self-employed Workers

External Recruitment Methods

Advertising Employment Agencies - Private and Public Recruiters Job Fairs/Virtual Job Fairs Executive Search Firms Internships Professional Associations Walk-In Applicants Open Houses Event Recruiting Sign-on Bonuses


External Recruiting
Brings in new ideas

May negatively impact morale and cohesion Time needed for new employee to learn ropes Usually more costly than internal recruiting


Tailoring Recruitment Methods to Sources

Tailored to each firms needs Recruitment sources and methods vary according to position being filled. Not a lot of good research about best recruiting method
Informal methods often better than formal but can lead to lawsuits

Recruitment for Diversity

Analysis of recruitment procedures Utilization of minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities Advertising Employment agencies People with disabilities Other suggested approaches