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List of Accommodations/Modifications for Classroom Environment for Children with (C)APD

(adapted from Auditory Integration Training website:

Environment: ______Acoustically modified classroom ______Reduce/minimize distractions: ___ auditory ___ visual ___ tactile ______Flexible preferential seating ______Provide isolated area for independent work (e.g., study carrel) Curriculum: ______Gain student’s attention prior to delivery of information ______Use outlines, organizers, study guides ______Use technology to provide visual clues (e.g., overhead, computer) ______Emphasize critical information ______Monitor student’s attending skills; provide breaks if necessary ______Provide teacher notes ______Pre-teach vocabulary ______Use peer partners ______Use cooperative learning groups ______Provide visual augmentation ______Modeling (clear demonstration of student performance expectations) ______Use manipulatives ______Reduce language level or reading level of assignments ______Adjust difficulty level and length of assignments ______Speak clearly without over exaggerating; adjust rate as needed ______Extend time for task completion ______Give extra cues or prompts ______Provide alternative grading system ______Avoid penalizing for spelling errors

Accommodations/Modification for (C)APD con’t Evaluation: ______Teach test taking strategies ______Provide alternative testing options ______Read test to student ______Allow oral response ______Provide tape recorded tests ______Allow tape recorded responses ______Allow someone to record student responses ______Preview language of test directions ______Allow real world application/assessment ______Tests administered by ESE teacher ______Extend testing time ______Provide alternate testing formats: ___ multiple choice ___ short answer ___ essay ___ fill-in the blank ___ true/false ___ open book Domain C: Independent Functioning ______Provide self-advocacy training and reinforce student’s use ______Teach organizational strategies ______Teach study skills ______Use visual daily schedule and calendars ______Train students to “look and listen” ______Review and check often for understanding ______Have student paraphrase directions ______Use study sheet to organize material ______Review and practice in real life situations ______Organize long-term assignments into manageable, sequenced steps ______Vary type of response (e.g., copying, recognition, recall with cues) ______Allow time for transitioning activities ______Keep parents, teachers, and other professionals informed of student’s independent functioning

Accommodations/Modifications for (C)APD con’t: Domain E: Communication ______Use FM system ______Use ear plugs to reduce distractions ______Use tape recorder ______Provide note taker assistance ______Provide assistive technology as needed ______Use listening cues ______Keep parents, teachers, and other professionals informed of student’s communication strategies ______Encourage and praise student for participation in expressive language activities