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Are You Ready for


Fires raged, fueled by natural gas leaks, ignited by fallen power lines. Can it happen again? Yes!! Experts predict we are due!!

CALIFORNIA If you are reading this, . you probably live in a EARTHQUAKE HAZARD ZONE.

Did you know there are over 200 Earthquake Faults in Southern California that are capable of a 6.0 magnitude or greater earthquake? Most people in California live within 30 miles of these faults.

EARTHQUAKES, Natural or Propane Gas Leaks and Electrical Sparks are a LETHAL COMBINATION

Now you can help make our communities a safer place to live by being proactive and encouraging the installation of an EARTHQUAKE ACTIVATED GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE! Help save lives, property and mitigate damages caused by gas fires after a major earthquake.

1994 Northridge Earthquake

Fire caused by a gas leak in the wall due to a major earthquake.





Whether by mandate or peace of mind, Earthquake activated gas shut-off valve will automatically shut-off the gas to your home or business in the event of a major earthquake protecting your home, family and pets from a gas fire caused by earthquakes.

Are you ready for the BIG ONE?

Introducing The Next Generation Of Gas Safety Valves

Safety and Convenience

Automatically shuts off the gas, whether you are home or not, in the event of a major earthquake. Helps prevent gas fueled fires caused by earthquakes. Protects your family, pets, home and keepsakes.

No tools required to turn gas off or on in the event of any gas emergency such as fire, leak, for convenience or while on vacation.

L.A. City approved installation ASSI Safe T Valve L.A. City Approved

Valve separated from trigger, not leveled or brace. Replaced existing elbow

Competitors earthquake valve: Over 17 additional fittings each. Valve must be leveled and braced. Crawl space obstructed & cover must be modified. Eye sore. 1 Hour & 30 min. installation each.

Trigger separated from valve Increasing reliability & accessibility

Emergency Gas Shut-Off

ASSI Safe-T-Valve Properly installed. Replaced existing elbow with no added material. Valve not required to be leveled or braced. Meter access cover not altered. Aesthetically appealing 20 min. installation.

*Important Safety Feature*

Easily accessible Push Button Off to manually activate valve in the event of a gas emergency, repair or convenience. Easy reset. No tools required. Turn trigger handle counterclockwise to restore gas service.

The proof is in the installation

Multiple Unit Installation: 2 Tier Manifold

Cabinet / Under Set

Very tight installation. No room to install competitors valve without altering cabinet. Booked at 3 hrs to install EQV, not responsible for damage to cabinet or structure.

Cabinet & meter set NOT altered.

Replaced existing elbow.

Cabinet NOT Damaged.

Field Set Post Installation

Notice that the post & ASSI Trigger are level. Valve is not level or braced. Replaced existing elbow only. Meter Set not altered, Gas Company can read through hole.

Standard Installation
Meter Set Not Altered. Replaced existing 90 degree elbow. No added material.

Finished installation. The choice should be obvious, ASSI Gas Safe-T-Valve. The next generation in earthquake and gas safety valves.


ASSI For emergency Call 1-877-277-4872

Affordable Safety Solutions Inc. Your circle of safety around the globe 1-877-ASSI-USA

Demonstrate Valve
Test Valve in Box: Cut the packaging straps on the valve base and meter cover. Remove gray trigger cover, leave trigger mounted in box for testing.

Trigger will come in the Off Position. Before resetting trigger, take the valve base and pull cable till it is fully extended, to the point where the red knob slightly moves. This will stretch the cable and remove any kinks.
Stand the trigger, still mounted inside the packaging box straight up on level surface, using built in level on trigger as a guide. Take valve base out of the box and check that there are no kinks or crucial bends in cable. You will find out the most difficult part of the installation will be the bends in the cable.

Testing the valve and trigger, continued: Reset Red Lever/Knob to the vertical position, turn counter clock-wise until it locks in place. Valve base should be open at this time. Move trigger as to modify a major earthquake. The valve base should trip and close, with significant movement, stopping the flow of gas. Reset the trigger, opening valve - Trip valve using emergency push off-button, black button located on top of the trigger. This should close the valve.

You are now ready for installation.

Installation Tips Continued

Disconnect valve T base from plunger for easier installation. (Disconnects at the bushing in 1 or larger valve base, leaving plunger in tact with the bushing.) Use the logic that the valve base has the same dimensions as a 90 degree elbow and does not have to be leveled or brace.

Forget it is a valve for now. Take into consideration the clearance on the top of the plunger as to insure the bend coming out is not too sharp to reduce tension.

About the Trigger, Cable and Valve Base Materials

Our product has a 30 Year manufacturers Warranty.
Trigger is made out of ABS Plastic, the strongest most durable plastic in the industry, (stronger and more durable than most metals). A ultra violet, (U.V.) protection is added to prevent fading and is rated at 75 years.

About the Trigger, Cable and Valve Base Materials continued:

Cable is a solid nickel plated strand cable, with a resin protection, to insure slick movement, then wrapped with a metal protection for durability and coated with our U.V. Protection Plastic.
If the cable cut intentionally or by accident the valve will shut-off letting you know the damage has occurred.

About the Trigger, Cable and Valve Base Materials continued:

Valve base is made out of brass for maximum durability and life span. Brass is approved for both gas and water. O rings are added to prevent against leakage. Sale the valve on the Technology and Emergency Push-Button off for any gas emergencies such as fires or repairs.

No tools needed to turn gas off or on, making the Gas Company shut off a thing of the past.
Cover snaps on and off for emergency access and is aesthetically appealing. Color blends with the gas meter.

Ordinances Mandating Earthquake Valve Installations:

Allstate Insurance currently mandates Earthquake Activated Gas Shut-Off Valves (EAGSV) in Earthquake Hazard Zones, such as, San Francisco, Mendocino, Lake, Napa, Sonoma, Humboldt, Marin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Inyo, Mono, Contra Costa, Imperial, San Mateo, Alameda, Alpine, and Los Angeles cities. Additional counties that require the installation of EAGSV are Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Solano, Ventura, and Kern.

Ordinances Mandating Earthquake Valve Installations:

The City of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties mandate EAGSV installation on all new buildings, when pulling a building permit, or prior to the close of escrow, upon the transfer of ownership, or in any alteration of gas system. Yes, if you repair your roof, add on, remodel, change title to or sell property, you must have an Earthquake Activated Gas Shut-off Valve Installed.

Ordinances Mandating Earthquake Valve Installations:

The Countries of Japan, Iran and Turkey have more stringent mandates. Many other municipalities, states, and countries are considering similar mandates which will open up our market even more.
In summary, this is a mandated product, with mandates growing. Our product is the most reliable, user friendly and easiest to install in the industry today.

Questions and Answers

Making our communities a safer place to live.

Thank you for your time.

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