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presented by Abhinav Shrivastava

Introduction Objective of training Staff Operations Customer Base and market conditions Marketing Strategies Operational Strategies HR Management Cost effective decisions Future scope Findings Conclusion

Introduction to Company
Engineers Academy:- a registered institution deals with different competitive exams and career guidance Mostly deal with education services

To know about operations and operational strategies of the company

total 48 employees

Part time

Full time

Faculties, technical persons

Faculties, tele-callers, computer operator

Divided their business into two modules



Customer base and Market conditions

Customer Base is so strong due to competition. Market is so tough. Many other business giants Small players eats the business

Marketing strategies
For GATE Module
Work on college deals Commission to students as chain marketing Incentives to Tele callers Seminars in colleges Students from local faculties Hoardings, and posters Selling Franchisees

Marketing strategies
For IIT JEE Module
Work on different school projects Running a government project Seminars Quizzes and prize distribution seminars for parents and students Tele callers Hand bills Word Mouth Publicity

Operations Strategies
1. GATE/ IES/ PSUs Module
a. Mostly part time faculties b. Experts of their fields c. Classes on MWF or TTS basis d. Percentage basis e. Engineering Subject students f. Get the crowd from local faculties g. different college deals h. Provides the material for self study

Operations Strategies
IIT JEE Module:a. Mostly part time faculties b. Experts of their fields c. Classes on daily basis d. Percentage basis + salary Basis e. 9th 10th, 11th, 12th students f. Get the crowd from schools g. different school projects h. Mostly depend on govt project i. Regular class test and doubts clearing sessions

HR Management
Full time:- 1. Tele callers 2. Full time Faculties 3. Runners Part time :- 1. Part time faculties 2. Technical persons

Cost effective Decisions

In marketing:-1. Class room Sharing 2. Use of CUG 3. Conveyance sharing 4. Chain Marketing 5. Expert lectures by known people 6. Classes by self 7. Have spare time due to alternate classes

Future Scope
For engineering: 1. Campus recruitment training 2. IES 3. JTO 4. Company Specific exams 5. IAS

Future Scope
For IIT JEE:- 1. Different engineering exams 2. Olympiad 3. NTSE 4. SAT 5. Medical Entrance exams

A bit more careful about management of classes Not very much interested in class management Risk Management is less in terms of backup Study material is not updated Training to faculties

Can grow to the sky if follow a proper plan Time management Cost effectiveness Result oriented Scope of improvement in the study material