Coaching Leaders

chapter 6

By Nisha Hariyani

• Demystifying coaching • The leader as a coach • Improving as a coach

• Jack Welch – “leaders are true coaches • Challenge for future leaders is to – “energize an organization to look out side itself, to engage every person in the place, to get rid of any pomposity And to rid itself of layers”

Coaching & Counselling

A directive process


A supportive process

Demystifying coaching
• Coaching is participation • Coaching involves a non judgmental style of inquiry & teaching • Giving feedback is important • Coaching of two types: Performance management coaching
Performance Enhancement Coaching

The Leader as a coach
• Coaching style of jack Welch •
Jack Welch legendary CEO of GE : He never lectured. He loved the open exchange with people. He was just a facilitator, helping them learn from one another.

The Leader as a coach
• Coaching style of David Ogilvy •
Founder of Ogilvy & Mather, the renowned ad agency went in communication with a new recruit in the company. She was eight month pregnant. Communication happened each day till she delivered a child. This created a bond between her and the company which was the main reason for her stay with the company for decades, she is CEO of Ogilvy & Mather

The Leader as a coach
• Set performance goals & standards • Effective coaching • Eliminate undesired work behavior • Take personal interest in life of your subordinates • Coaching is meant to change

Improving as a coach
• Be an active listener • Complement learning with action & reflection • Move from easy to hard task • Using tape delay • Script writing & role playing • Repairing relationships • Positive feedback

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