12 ANGRY MAN & BelBin’s Team Role Theory Presented by: Anuradha Ray Pooja Demblani Pramod Dhawan .

Introduction .

Belbin’s Team Role Theory Plant Team Worker Resource Investigator Implementer Monitor Evaluator Completer Finisher Co-ordinator Shaper .

. • They sort out objectives and pursue them logically.IMPLEMENTER • Traits: Stable and Controlled. • Practical organizer. • Turns decisions and strategies into defined and manageable tasks. • Concerned with what is feasible. • Chief contribution is to convert the team’s plans into a feasible form.

He changes his opinion.Jury 1: Martin Baslam Personality Traits Role:  Organized  When jury No9 highlights the  Disciplined doubts about the eyesight of the  Methodical Lady eye witness. Who is 45 years of age. And has viewed the accused  Composed from a long distance. .

Q. Monitor Evaluator and Specialist who need a high I.. • In a balanced team it is only the Plant. introvert.Q.MONITOR EVALUATOR • Traits: High I. .

8 .Jury 2 : John Fiedler Personality Traits:  Lack of Confidence  Submissive  Sharp minded  Rational Thinker Role:  Inexperienced in evaluating a case. Was a first time Jury  Influenced by other but taken decision when post situation demonstrated by Jury no.

The Shaper is full of nervous energy. Outgoing and emotional Impulsive and impatient Sometimes edgy and easily frustrated. dominant. extrovert.SHAPER • • • • • • Traits: Anxious. Quick to challenge and respond to a challenge .

Jury 3: Lee J.  Defective decision making without analyzed the situation. . Cobb Personality Traits:  Aggressive  Dominant  Emotional  Rigid mind set  Partial  No good Team Player  No soft skills  Biased Role:  Preconceive on the basis of Personnel difference with his son.  Want to mind guards everyone.

• Their responses tend to be positive and enthusiastic. • Relaxed. critical evaluator.RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR • Traits: Stable. • Is probably the most immediately likeable member of the team. extrovert. though they are prone to put things down . sociable and gregarious.

.great leadership skill influence the rest of jury member convert the majority of opinion in the favor of accused. logical thinking .  His ability through perceptual analyzing the facts of each situation in details with logical answering to each prosecution’s valid points converted votes of jury members in his side.Jury 8: Henry Fonda          Logical Thinker Visionary Team player Disciplined Convincing Leader Decision maker Prepared Task master Role:  Based on his preparation.

low in dominance. • The most sensitive of the team. extrovert. • The one who perceives most clearly the emotional undercurrents within the group. . • Is the most aware of individual’s needs and worries.TEAM WORKER • Traits: Stable.

• He gets convinced that there is reasonable doubt in the evidence. Which makes him change his decision to not guilty.Jury 11: George Voskovec Personality Traits:  Good decision maker  Rational thinker  Supportive  Team player  Low on dominance  Agreeable  Good natured Role: • Earlier influenced by others. • Changes his decision based on the arguments put forth by Jury 8. .

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