Five Remaining Candidates for the Papal Seat 118th

H.G. Bishop Rafael General Bishop of Central Cairo
• He is the general Bishop of Churches of Central Cairo. Anba Rafael is loved because of his calm demeanor in times of political turbulence and.the manner in which he avoids mixing politics with religion. Anba Rafael was born Michael Erian Hakeem on May 6th, 1958. He graduated from Ain Shams Uni., School of Medicine in Cairo Egypt in 1982 and earned a bachelors degree in clerical studies in 1984. His Eminence was ordained a monk in August of 1987 in St. Mary's Monastery known as The Baramos Monastery in August 1987, and was named Fr. Youstus the Baramousy. Anba Rafael was in charge of the clinic as well as greeting the visitors of the monastery. He was ordained a priest on May 18th, 1995, then a general bishop of the churches in Central Egypt by the name of Rafael on June 15, 1997

H. G. Bishop Tawadros
General Bishop of the State of the Bohira
• His Eminence is the general Bishop for the State of the El-Bohira. He was born on November 13th, 1952 by the name of: Wageeh Sobhy Baky Soliman in El Mansoura. His Eminence had one brother and two sisters. Wageeh earned a bachelors degree of Pharmacy at Alexandria University in June 1975 and the membership of International Health society of England in June 1985. Anba Tawadros was ordained a monk on July 31st, 1988 at St Bishoy Monastery and was later ordained a priest in December of 1989. He served in the El-Boheera state in Feb. 1990 and was ordinaed as a general Bishop in June 15th, 1997

Hegumen Fr. Rafael, Ava Mina
• Father Rafael was the private disciple of the Late Pope Kyrillos VI from 1965 till 1969. He was born by the name: Raffael Soby Tawfik on September 8th, 1942 in Rod El Farag, Cairo, Egypt. He graduated from the school of Law at Ain Shams University in 1964. Shortly after his graduation, he was selected by Pope Kyrillos VI on January 28th, 1965 to be his private disciple and special deacon. Father Rafael was then ordained as a monk in St Mina Monastery on August 7th, 1969. He continued to serve in the headquarters of the monastery in Cairo from 1986 til 1994. Father Rafael was the first one to care for the reconstruction of the center. He was ordained as a hegumen in 2001. Father Rafael continues to live a life of seclusion and shares the same line of thinking of the late Pope Kyrillos VI. Father Rafaels’ knowledge extends far beyond the scope of the Coptic Orthodox Church as he is well versed in the teachings and beliefs of other religions.

Hegumen Fr. Seraphim, El-Soryany
• Father Seraphim was born on1959 in Cairo by the name of Aziz Ghaly Sabry Aziz. He graduated from the school of science in Ain Shams University and worked as a research associate in the American Medical Reserch center in Cairo before he was ordained as a monk in 1993 in St Mary Monastery

Hegumen Fr. Pachomios, El-Soryany
• Father Pachomios was born on 1963 in Aswan by the name of: Maged Karam Saleh Lawendy. He was awarded the bachelors degree in teaching and later worked as a Math. teacher before he was ordained as a monk in 1992 at St. Mary Monastery known as “ElSoryany”

We must all share in praying that God may grant us a new shepherd to shepherd His flock in peace