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About HDB

The policies of the HDB were largely in line of the manifesto set out by the Singapore government; the government was promoting social cohesion and patriotism within the country. In 1980, a quota was introduced to ensure that no particular racial group concentrated together to prevent sectarianism. To prevent social stratification that may lead to social conflict, the housing of different income groups are mixed together in estates and new towns. Some of their current departments include: HAD (Housing Administration Department) EAPD (Estate Administration & Property Department) IPD (Industrial Properties Department) BQD (Building Quality Department) PLD (Properties & Land Department) CRD (Community Relations Department)

HDB: Criteria for allocating houses

New HDB Flat Citizenship Applicant: Citizen Family nucleus: At least another citizen or PR 21 years old New Studio Apartment Applicant: Citizen Joint Applicant (if any): Related must be a Citizen; Non-related must be Citizen or PR 55 years old (Joint Applicant, if any: Related=21 years old; Non-related=35 years old


Family Nucleus

Any of the following combinations: Applicant+Spouse+Children (if any) Applicant+Parents+Siblings (if any) Widowed/divorced applicant+Children under legal custody Applicant+fiance/fiancee Orphaned applicant+unmarried siblings 2-room: $2,000 3-room (non-mature towns and estates): $3,000 3-room (mature towns and estates/Premium) and above: $10,000 ($15,000 for extended families)

Either: Applicant+Spouse Unmarried, divorced or widowed applicant

Gross Monthly Household Income Ceiling


HDB: Improved chances for First-Time buyers

Supply set aside for First time buyers

HDB safeguards at least 95% of the flats available for public application for the First-timer applicants who generally have more urgent housing needs than second timers.

Higher Chances in the Ballot

Type of Applicant Second-Timer First-Timer Married Child Priority Scheme (Second-Timer) Married Child Priority Scheme (First-Timer)

Number of chances assigned 1 2 2 4

Additional Chances for Unsuccessful Attempts

First-timer applicants who are not successful for 2 or more times in the application for a flat under the Build-To-Order (BTO) in non-mature estates, will be given an additional chance for each subsequent unsuccessful attempt when they apply for a flat under the BTO in non-mature estates. No. of previous unsuccessful attempts 0 to 1 2 3 Total chances to be assigned to Additional first-timer applicant Chances Married Child to be assigned Public Applicant Priority Scheme 0 1 2 2 2+1 2+2 4 4+1 4+2

HDB: Modes of sale

The Build-To-Order (BTO) is a responsive system offering flexibility in location and timing for flat buyers. Eligible buyers (planning to shift into a new HDB apartment in the near future) can apply for apartments in their preferred location from the specific sites launched.

Sale of Balance Flats

The Sale of Balance Flats exercise offers flat buyers a wide range of flats in terms of location, flat type and price to suit the different needs, preferences and budget of home buyers. The flats consist of: balance flats from earlier Build-To-Order (BTO) exercises surplus Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) replacement flats repurchased flats

HDB: Procedure for Public Applicant when applying for a flat

Process Payment No payment

Launch BTO or Sale of Balance Flats Exercise

Check eligibility to buy and eligibility for loan, and plan for payment

Submit Application Submit application online A non-refundable administrative fee of $10

Receive Outcome of Application

HDB will ballot all applications for their queue position and inform applicants of the application outcome

No payment

Book Flat Choose desired flat

Pay booking fee according to option chosen, ranges between $250 to $2000

Sign Agreement for Lease

Sign the Agreement for Lease To provide necessary documentation for loan status For flats offered under the BTO, keys to the flats will be ready for collection in about 3 years' time.

A downpayment (plus 1-3% legal and stamp fees) by CPF money or cash: Balance of the purchase price of the flat booked, by Cash or CPF or a combination of both.

Collect Flat Keys

HDB: Grants to aid first time buyers

Additional CPF Housing Grant

Meant to help citizen families with a steady household income up to $40,000 to buy their first subsidised HDB flat.

Between $5k-$40k depending on monthly household income

Special CPF Housing Grant

Given to first-timer families earning up to $2,250 a month to buy a smaller flat from HDB that is within their means.

Between $5k-$20k depending on monthly household income