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The film is based on a teenagers first experience of sleep paralysis. In his episode he is attacked by a mysterious figure, he then wakes up without identifying who the figure was but decides to just brush it off. After researching it and understanding that it is normal and doesnt happen regularly, he soon becomes comfortable with the thought of having sleep paralysis. He then mentions it to one of his friends, and his friend reacts positively wanting to know more, that same day the sleep paralysis occurs again and his friend he once mentioned it to appears in the episode. After this he realises that whoever he has contact with throughout the day appears in his episode. The episodes become longer and more complex, seeing as more and more people become involved. In each episode he gets closer to identifying the mysterious figure. At this point the episodes are so vivid that it becomes hard for him to work out the distinction between reality and sleep paralysis. As the audience, we will not know that really in the exterior he is deteriorating and looking somewhat psychotic to everyone around him until the end. After many episodes it is revealed that the mysterious figure is his twin brother who was still born. His brother haunts him and kills his personality which he never had the chance to have.

Influences and sources of inspiration

Inception was a big influence in creating this idea since we adopted the concept of sleep/dreaming as the main topic of our story. Also the fact that the main character in our film becomes obsessed with sleep paralysis to try contact someone in the spiritual realm is similar to Dominick Cobbs (Leonardo DiCaprio) constant pursuing of his deceased wife, Mallorie Cobb (Marion Cotillard) 6TuSJo4dZM

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience a sense of inability to move, similar to when an arm or leg goes to sleep. In most cases it is impossible to speak, scream or move any body parts, however it is possible to move your eyes to study your surroundings. In attempt to move you will feel as if there is pressure being applied to your chest and you are being suffocated.
Before sleep paralysis was diagnosed it was believed that sleep paralysis was caused by a demon related to incubi and succubi. It was believed that the demons will visit you in your sleep and sit on your rib cage while you are asleep.

Trailer idea
The trailer will consist of a montage of clips, showing some intense and important parts of the story. There will be no voice overs, but we aim to use a fast paced soundtrack to add to the suspense of the clips. The trailer will be seen in cinemas, and TV spots to attract a wide audience. The hook will be a clip of the mysterious figure being really close to being revealed, this will make the viewers want to go to the cinema to find out what is constantly attacking the character. The enigma to the trailer is the confusion of why he is being attacked and what he has done to be a victim.

Magazine ideas
I was inspired by the Star Trek issues of the Total Film magazine. I wanted to use a portrait of a face to show a particular emotion that represents the film, but unlike the Total Film cover I wanted to include the main characters twin brother as a clue of what the film is about.

Bright and bold title

Space provided for subheadings and adverts

Like the Total Film cover I made sure that a part of my title was eliminated by the centre image.

The idea behind the centre image is to show both the mysterious figure and the main character. The audience will not yet know that the mysterious figure is a twin therefore it will just look like a portrait of one person.

Space provided for title. Use of logos and icons

Poster ideas
I want to create a simple film poster that will make viewers think about what the film may be about, therefore I am basing the poster on one image. The space above will contain the most important credits such as actors, producers etc and also a tagline that will be used for advertising purposes.

The centre image will show a worried man resting his head on a pillow and looking up, however his mouth will be removed through the use of Photoshop to resemble the picture above of Neo from The Matrix. The image relates to the fact that during sleep paralysis the victim is unable to speak. Large fixed width font will be used for the film title in order for it to stand out. Under this will be the release date with plenty space provided for more credits and additional information and logos.

The recurring motif of the trailer will be a clip of the main character with his eyes closed. This image may flash onto the screen for a second or less at random moments. The reason for this is so that viewers are indirectly reminded that the character is asleep. The poster will be displayed at bus stops, small posters can be displayed on the advertising slots on trains. Big sized posters can be shown inside stations.

After reading the story/plot of the film, what certification will you give it? Do you think there are improvements that could be made? Is there a clear correlation between the story, poster and magazine cover? Do you think the trailer idea is realistic? What should we name the film?

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