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Anand Mishra

 Tata Motors Limited formerly TELCO is an Indian

multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans and coaches. It is the world's eighteenth-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company, fourth-largest truck manufacturer and second-largest bus manufacturer by volume

India's first sports utility vehicle). 1994) and Tata Safari (1998.Tata entered the commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after forming a joint venture with Daimler-Benz of Germany. a station wagon design based on the earlier 'TataMobile' (1989). Tata Estate (1992. After years of dominating the commercial vehicle market in India. a light commercial vehicle). . a multi utility vehicle. Tata Sumo (LCV. After the launch of three more vehicles. Tata Motors entered the passenger vehicle market in 1991 by launching the Tata Sierra.

the United Kingdom. South Korea.Tata Motors has vehicle assembly operations in India. Tata Daewoo and Tata Hispano . Thailand. Spain and South Africa. It plans to establish plants in Turkey. Indonesia and Eastern Europe. Tata Motors' principal subsidiaries include Jaguar Land Rover.

The Tata Group has always sought to be a value-driven organization. These values continue to direct the Group's growth and businesses. The five core Tata values underpinning the way we do business are: • Integrity • Understanding • Excellence • Unity • Responsibility .

The standard version of the Nano is projected to sell for Rs. it was projected to be the least expensive production car in the world. 2008 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.000 (approximately US $2500. Called the people’s car in Tata's promotional material. not including fees or delivery.The Tata Nano is a proposed city car debuted by India's Tata Motors at the 9th annual Auto Expo on January 10. GBP 1277. Newsweek identifies the . or € 1700) . 100. India.

led by the Nano. the native language of the Tata family.Newsweek identifies the Nano as a part of a "new breed of 21st-century cars" that embody "a contrarian philosophy of smaller. The Wall Street Journal confirms a global trend toward small cars. founders of the Tata Group. meaning dwarf — as with nanometer. lighter. "Nano" also means "small" in Gujarati. "global gridlock". . The prefix "Nano" derives from the Greek root 'nanos'. cheaper" and portend a new era in inexpensive personal transportation — and potentially.

Mahindra and Renault's.” Said Jagdish Khattar. Managing Director. Former MD of Maruti Udyog Limited . Its an upgradation for an auto wheeler rider to by a car now.Reactions about Nano "It's a good historic moment for the Indian auto industry and also a proud one indeed that an Indian company took a step forward on this road. "It's good product but it's still too early to say whether it will overtake the 800 because it caters to a totally new market segment.“ Rajesh Jejurikar.

Perception of Respondents about model of “NANO”.33 Deluxe (With AC) 137 45.66 TOTAL 300 100% . FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE Standard (Without AC) 163 54.


66% . of respondents who’s given their preference for car model are equally for each model.33% and respondents who prefers Deluxe Model are 137 out of 300 with 45.The above graph shows the preference of the respondents regarding two different model of “NANO” car while purchasing. Here from the above graph we can see that the No. Respondents who are like to go with Standard Model are 163 with 54.

33 TOTAL 300 100% .0 25.Showing respondents perception to purchase “NANO” within 1 to 2 year No FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE Yes No Can’t Say 213 77 10 71.66 3.

66 3.250 200 150 100 50 0 213 77 10 FREQUENCY 71 25.33 PERCENTAGE YES NO CAN'T SAY Do you plan to buy a “NANO” in the next 1 to 2 year ? .

66% like to buy “NANO” after 2 year period. .The above graph shows the respondents ratio who want and who do not want to buy “NANO” in the next 1 to 2 year. There are 213 respondents with 71% are planning to buy “NANO” in the next 1 to 2 year. of respondents are still not think to buy “NANO” in the next 1 to 2 year with 3. Where as 77 respondents with 25. There are less no.33%.


Strengths Market Penetration Pricing. Weakness Engine in back Side Not Suitable in rural area Speed constraint factor .Ltd. One Lakh Car Discover New Market (low Segment) Block Buster Product Reputed Company – TATA Motors Pvt.

Threats Low Segment Car Sale of second hand vehicle Other companies like Bajaj Reno.Opportunities TATA motors plan to launch Europa similar to NANO in European Market. Mahindra and Renault plan to launch low segment car .


I have found that all the respondents covered under my study are well aware about TATAs “NANO”. Most of the respondents who belongs to the Private Sector or Govt. . Sector having greater acceptancy level for “NANO” and they would also like to go for “NANO”. so it can be said that “NANO” will be most welcome by this income group of people.I have found in my study that most of the respondents who like to go for TATA’s “NANO” belongs to income group of 5000 to 15000.