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The Technical issue

regarding the WikiLeaks

Where are the WikiLeaks servers?

Approximately 20 different servers

scattering around the world Their locations are not fixed prevent exposure to hackers The previous locations of the servers include in different countries No one knows where exactly they are online retailer present server farms in operates at whichthe US andlarge space on its several locations in rents

servers to third-party clients.

WikiLeaks VS General Media

Source Scrutiny WikiLeaks Wikipedia Newspaper/Broadcast Anonymous emails Internet users The public - investigative journalism -false material or investigative journalism other irresponsible -collective wisdom posting or editing can be reversed by other users -anonymous drop box -random readers Interviewees would be (fortified by cutting-edge can edit the sources anonymous if necessary cryptographic information technologies) random readers cannot edit the sources


WikiLeaks provides highest security to the source as well as the source provider.

Upload to high security anonymous drop box(Cyber-locker/Online Storage) fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies Send by mail to a postal address Posting CD's in the mail combined with advanced cryptographic technology

Untraceable! !!

Instructions & Advice from WikiLeaks Submit Via net cafes, wireless hot
spots and even the post

Even if WikiLeaks is infiltrated by an

external agency, sources are still untraceable

Very sensitive sources (those of substantial political or intelligence interest) should be submitted outside home and workplace prevent possible tracing from bugged computers/ hidden video cameras at home

Because: -Too many hidden servers across multiple international jurisdictions swift submission process from different parts of the world
-No logs are kept in the submission system these logs cannot be seized untraceable

Therefore, anonymization occurs early in the WikiLeaks network, long before information passes to the web servers.

Is there no risk of providing source to WikiLeaks?


The risks cannot be entirely removed but just being reduced by the strong anonymity system. government may know who had access to a document in the first place. Powerful institutions may use whatever methods to withhold damaging information (e.g. by legal means, political pressure, physical violence).

How can WikiLeaks decide whether the sources and information are authentic?

Submission & Publication Procedure

Source providers: upload the specify the language, country and industry of origin

Is it real? What elements prove it is real? Who would have the motive to fake such a to drop box document document and why?)

WikiLeaks: Obscure the date and time of the upload of the documents distribute the documents to backup servers immediately assess the documents and test their veracity within WikiLeaks or sometimes invite external verification (sometimes seeking help external verifications too)
*The verification process does not guarantee the absence of mistakes, but so far WikiLeaks has correctly identified the veracity of every document it has published.

After the publication..

1. Journalists analyze the material

2. Verify it and write a news piece about

it describing its significance to society

3. Publish both the news story and the

original material 4. Readers analyze the story in the context of the original source material

What guarantees can you give that revelations won't be traced?

1.Some maybe traced by the flow of documents from the
origin, and check who can leak and at the same time willing to leak.

2.Tracking through the internet is difficult, but not impossible.

As a result, WikiLeaks encourage leakers to go to some NetCafe which dont need registration for document leakages.

3.For very sensitive leaking, foolproof and bulk leaking,

WikiLeaks provide a way of physical mailing : Sending the documents within a CD/DVD to a celebrity who is voluntary. Public voices will provide a shield for those celebrities so they cant be violently threatened by any body. For this method, WikiLeaks is formulating a easy-to-use encrypting software for leakers and guaranteed not to be seen until it reaches WikiLeaks.

How to access WikiLeaks when the government of my region blocked it?

There are Cover Domain which can

redirect you to WikiLeaks, such as

WikiLeaks is currently blocked by

Chinese Government. All U.S. federal workers are not allowed to view WikiLeaks.

How to access WikiLeaks when the government of my region blocked it?

Also with the aid of some Proxy softwares, for example, Freegate, Tor

Tor (The onion router)

Type: Onion routing [Anonymity]

Initial Release: Sept 20, 2002 Operating System: Cross- platform

Communication network embedded within

the Internet

Add difficulty to trace Internet Activity

(reach from a remote node)


Thus, it is almost impossible to know the source and the outcome.



Layers present = Random

communication paths Original data: encrypted + reencrypted for many times bounced around among thousands of nodes in the network around the world [Before passing the data on to the next node, each node decrypts a layer of encryption]

Can WikiLeaks Be Shut Down?

It has been suggested that when it becomes nonfunctional the encrypted insurance files key will be released the actual machination of releasing the
key is unknown, like a dead mans switch the decrypted files with unreleased secrets will be made available to numerous people instantaneously