of the Prophet muhammad
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“Protect and honor the earth, for the earth is your mother.”

“Avoid three qualities: Jealously, Greed, and Regret”

“Actions are based on intentions .”

“ The best people are those who are most useful to others.”

“Seeking knowledge is better than worship.”

“There are as many ways to God as there are souls.”

“O people turn to God in repentance and seek forgiveness of God. Indeed I repent a hundred times a day.”

“Those who go out in search of knowledge are on the path of God until they return.”

“One hour of contemplation is worth sixty years of worship.”

“Worship God as if you see him, and remember that even if you do not see God, God still sees you”

“Those who do not express their gratitude to people will never be able to be grateful to God.”

“Oh people all my instructions are according to the Qur’an. And if you come across anything that does not agree with the Qur’an. It is not my word.”

“ Oh people your God is one and you have a single father Adam. Whoever is more pious is more elevated. And no one is superior because he is an Arab or Non-Arab but only through his piety.”

“The learned are like the stars in the sky and guide travelers on sea and on earth. When the stars disappear, even those who have found their way may lose their direction.”

“The cure for ignorance is to ask and learn.”

“Goodness will neither grow old nor fade away: Wickedness will not be forgotten. And the God of a just person will never die. Do whatever you wish, but remember that you will receive whatever you cultivate.”

“ God likes generosity and forgiveness and dislikes an ill temper and jealousy.”

“The most ignorant among you is the one who does not learn from the changes in the world. The richest among you is the one who is not entrapped by greed.”

“True servants of God, the most gracious, are they who walk gently on the earth, and who, whenever the ignorant address them, reply with words of peace.”

“Jihad is not taking a sword and fighting on the way of god. Jihad is taking care of your parents and children and being free from needing others.”

“Knowledge that is not beneficial is like a treasure that you cannot spend.”

“God will not have mercy upon a person who has no mercy upon others.”

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All Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad have an implied Peace Be Upon Him, a respect shown to all the Prophets of God). All images are from public domain and copyright of respective owners Reference: The Wisdom of Islam by Robert Frager PhD A K2 Vista Project Copyright 2012

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