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“HR Practices and Their Motivational Impacts”

Submitted By: Nishtha Sharma Shivangi Verma


. to perform tasks & jobs as required at the time allotted. Bazpur.  The main objective of this training is to make prevails in the organization. & get acquainted with its atmosphere & try to learn. Ltd.INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT  I did my summer training in PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt.

    Type Founded Headquarters Area served Public (NYSE:PEP) New York U S (1965) Purchase. U.COMPANY PROFILE  PepsiCo is one of the companies that is having a very result oriented work approach with highly learned & experienced employees with great skills & knowledge. Worldwide . New York. S.

Non-alcoholic beverage USD 107. Key people Indra K.19 Billion (2008)   Revenue Employees ▲USD 39. Nooyi .474 Billion (2007) 185000 (2008) .(Chairwoman). (President) & (CEO)   Industry Market Cap Food.

our business partners and the communities in which we operate.MISSION:- "To be the world's premier consumer Products Company focused on convenience foods and beverages. we strive for honesty.“ . And in everything we do. fairness and integrity. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees.

VISION “PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world I which we operate –environment. economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. and deliver the beverage to the consumer as it was designed. In order to derive preference. . Sell. social.” Tomorrow > Today Quality Policy “Make.



Sanjeev Chadha. PepsiCo India Holding (Pvt) Ltd. CEO.000 Plants Owned Franchised 43 (total) 15 28 .        Head quarter Retirement age in PepsiCo Direct Employees Indirect Employees Gurgaon 65years 4000 60.PEPSICO INDIA HOLIDNG (PVT) LTD Mr.

 This topic was selected because it is an interesting topic to work on. .INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC  The topic I selected for study was “HR Practices and Their Motivational Impacts”. as it helps the HR department to know the effectiveness of its HR practices.

Performance= f (ability × motivation) HR Practices: A Best “Practice” in HR is a particular method. or practice of managing people which has a positive impact on a company’s overall business performance by improving employee satisfaction. employee motivation. and/or bottom-line business performance.INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC Motivation: A basic principle is that the performance of an individual depends on his or her ability backed by motivation. approach. . and customer Satisfaction.

are committed towards a mode of management that aims at building a workforce that is motivated and aligned to organizational objectives. but these practices can be categorized on the following basis:   Financial Practices Nonfinancial Practices .  At Pepsi Bazpur plant many HR practices are used for the employees.SOME GOOD HR PRACTICES AT BAZPUR PEPSI PLANT  Pepsi Bazpur.

FINANCIAL PRACTICES        Reward and Recognition Scholarship Program Learn smart( Training and development facilities Occasional Gifts Annual free medical checkup Domiciliary reimbursement Uniform distribution .

NON-FINANCIAL PRACTICES oPerformance Appraisal: •MBO For Staff Members .

 360 degrees for workers .

   System of half yearly appraisal review Employee Recognition program Home Visit/Nanhe Sitare        Safety related Training Sports day and Annual day Community Development in villages of associates Monthly employee communication: “Sankalp” Birth day celebration Of employees Idea Acceptance Award Employee of the month .

 Scholarship program provided to the kids of associates reduce the financial burden of the studies. .MOTIVATIONAL IMPACTS OF THESE PRACTICES  Distribution of similar uniform to all the employees develops the feeling equality to the employees. which encourages them to work confidently.  One of the important practices which improve the skills of the employees is learn smart and training facility.

 Reward and recognition is a practice which motivate the employees to do some good works apart from their duties. . which encourages the employees.  Home visit a practice in which staff members visit the associate’s house and take the pictures of their kids and these pictures are pasted in plant.  Visual Recognition is a practice which immerge the feeling of recognition by their bosses after doing some special work.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT    To analyse the impacts of financial HR practices. To seek the effect of HR practices on employee motivation. . To analyse the impacts of non financial HR practices.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT  In this study the researcher is concentrating on the best use of HR practices for employee motivation. . relationship of employers & employees as well as the production & image of a company. It improves the living conditions.

Attract Man Power Reduce Absenteeism Reduce Turnover . Energizes and encourage employees to work. Enhances internal capabilities of an organization to deal with current or future change.IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT: The study of HR Practices And Their Motivational Impacts has the following importance  It impacts customer satisfaction. Increase loyalty of employees towards the organization.       It influences financial and other performance indicators.

. This is only motivation which makes the company better than others because nowadays every one has great technologies and machines but if employees are not motivated then the result could not be as desired. Motivation has a great impact on the employee performance.CONCLUSION  Not only at the Head Quarter but also at the plant level HR Practices plays an important role and these practices are responsible for employee motivation and employee satisfaction.

 PepsiCo. that it can be effective for the workforce and as well as helpful in achieving the predefine goals of the company . And the practices are made in the form. Bazpur is doing nice effort to motivate their employees.

Some picnics with the staff should arrange.SUGGESTIONS  As a new practice Performance linked bonus should be started. Some reward ceremonies should be organized .     Loading shade should be there in the shipping yard. In the off season Indore games should planned.